8 Fab Home remedies for teeth loose Shaky

8 Fab Home remedies for teeth loose Shaky ;

8 Fab Home Remedies For Loose & Shaky Teeth

teeth trembling and loose are the symptoms of poor dental hygiene along with signs of aging. Therefore, it is vital to implement some home remedies and solutions at the right time to prevent it from getting worse. Fortunately, with some home remedies, you should be able to prevent tooth loss and prevent it from falling.

Here are some excellent remedies for it:


Guava is one of the best remedies for problems with his teeth. But here guava leaves containing elements that strengthen teeth and reduce pain caused because of it are used. Boil some guava leaves and then strain and drink the juice out of it. Not only the teeth stronger pain relief but also found.


Massage with pepper and turmeric

Both Pepper and work of turmeric as a great combination to fight different types of diseases related gums, which are the leading cause of tooth loss and trembling. For this remedy, simply mix in equal amounts. Take a pinch and then massage all gums and teeth. You can also use fresh turmeric juice here. Make sure let it stay for at least 2-5 minutes. Do not eat or drink anything immediately.

Massage With Pepper And Turmeric

Indian gooseberry

The juice of Indian gooseberry is known as a great remedy to get rid problems of loose and shaky teeth. Take the juice of 1 Indian gooseberry and diluted in about 1/2 cup of water. Then rinse your mouth well with it. Do not wash your mouth after this therapy.

Indian Gooseberry

Salt And Mustard oil

To improve the strength of the gums, also gives a respite from teeth problems, mix mustard oil with some salt. A teaspoon of oil with a pinch of salt should be sufficient. Then massage well on the gums and teeth. To stay at least for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Salt and mustard oil

Oregano oil

Oregano oil is known to give a respite hurting dinner . Oil can be used for direct application to the area. The gum pain is the beginning of unstable teeth. So be sure and get all the mouth. Then rinse after a few minutes.
Peppermint oil

Oregano Oil

oil Another quick to get rid of the problem of unstable teeth remedy would peppermint. This oil not only strengthens and improves the function of the gums. Rub the oil well all over the gingival area with your fingers. To stay for a while and then rinse.

green leaf juice

juice leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, etc. It is known to improve the strength of the gums. You must make your choice juice of green leafy vegetables and add some salt to it for protection. Drink this juice at least 2-3 times a day to improve the functions of teeth and gums.

Leafy Green Juice

Clove oil

it is found in many toothpastes, clove oil is another natural remedy to get rid of the problems of unstable and loose teeth. Clove oil adds freshness to the mouth, along with managing their dental problems such as inflammation, pain and other similar pain problems. Use your fingers first applying oil. Then massage well on teeth and even gum.

Clove Oil

Increasing calcium intake

Opt for foods rich in calcium like milk, cheese, probiotics like yogurt to increase the strength of your teeth and gums. Doing so will ensure that this problem is cured and also prevented in the future.

Increase Calcium Intake

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