7 ways to deal with dark circles without makeup

7 ways to deal with dark circles without makeup ;

Late night office, parties, lack of sleep, etc., are some bad habits that lead to swelling of the eyes and the ugly dark circles. I’m sure your sleepless nights are one of the reasons that you avoid clicking autofotos or hanging out with his friends. You’ve been buying artificial products for a long time to have corrector sticks and what does not. Stop using things that can further damage your skin.

Therefore, we have a solution for you. Take a look at these ideas and things that you can get rid of your eye puffiness and dark circles Ender forever

1. Egg:

The egg is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. You can eliminate dark circles by using egg whites. It will also help to stretch the skin and therefore is a perfect package anti-aging face. Just apply a layer of raw egg and hold it for about 15 minutes around the part of wide eyes and get rid of dark circles.

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2. Rubbing stop

By constantly rubbing his eyes are overdoing your dark circles . And that can lead to redness of the eyes, which is infectious. Due to friction in the eyes may cause darkening of the eyes and pigmentation in sensitive areas near the eyes. Make sure you leave to reduce swelling.

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3. Almond oil

Almond oil is a great way to make better their eyes and prevent itching. Massaging the areas around the eyes gently using almond oil. For best results do this regularly before going to sleep at night and see the appearance of a fresh the next morning.

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4. Cream caffeinated

An eye cream with elements caffeine is also a good way to cure dark circles in the eye area. Basically, a caffeine compresses the blood vessels that may well reduce swelling of the eyes and eye bags. Keep your eye cream in the fridge for a cold cream increases profits, and use it regularly to get good results.

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5. Cold teabag

This has been tested and validated for me too. All you have to do is heat the tea bags in the morning and squeeze the water content in the tea bag. Then put the bag inside the refrigerator for a long time until it cools. After that, take it out and gently placed over the eye and hold it for about 15 minutes. Cold tea will reduce the swollen eye and diminish dark circles instantly.

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6. Pepino

cucumber is a natural remedy for any problems related to face. You can rest your eyes after a day of hectic work, just put two cucumber slices over the eyes for at least 15 minutes. Also, you can mix the drums of cucumber and rose water, dip the cotton in it and place it over the eyes. You will definitely feel relaxed and refreshed.

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7. Head high

There are times when you have nights insomnia, especially during the end of the year. Therefore, to avoid eyestrain with an additional backbreaking work, keep your head elevated. When going to sleep, use double pillow so that blood flow can stop receiving accumulated in the eye area. Therefore, remember to maintain a high position of the head and you can get rid of dark circles.

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These are some of the ways that you can prevent your eyes from being damaged . If you have more ideas, share them with us too.

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