7 Home Remedies to prevent and treat flu

7 Home Remedies to prevent and treat flu ;

Remedies To Prevent And Treat Flu

seasonal flu is saying but it seems that these days flu is all over the place, especially swine flu. Symptoms of all types of flus are basically the same. They start with body aches, cold and cough followed by a high fever. One can also have vomiting, nausea, itchy throat, extreme loss of appetite and other related symptoms when suffering from flu.

However, there are several home remedies that you can try to prevent and treat the flu. These are simple and effective methods that will boost your immunity and prevent recurrence of the flu too.

Here are some of them:

1. Maintain good hygiene habits

First, the prevention of influenza only possible

first things with proper hygiene habits. This means frequent hand washing, bathing with a disinfectant soap and using a disinfectant in case you do not have access to soap or water . If you do, the virus that is carrying eliminated flu in the first place and prevent its spread.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

2. Have a balanced diet

it is important consumption of foods that help strengthen the immune system, while providing a complete and balanced meal. So think of carbohydrates, protein, good fats and healthy cholesterol balance. Have plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits instead of opting for processed foods . Having rice and pasta instead of white options. 5 servings of vegetables and fruits should be part of your daily meal.

Have A Balanced Diet

3. Plenty of Fluids

liquids are a great way to prevent and treat all types of flu. I know juices or hot soups, both at their disposal a large amount of nutrients, while being easy to digest. Chicken soup is the best option here as combat viruses and other problems such as nasal congestion and cough as well. Having oranges, grapes and berries juices as they are high in anti-viral ingredients and helps in cleansing the system as well.

Lots of Fluids

4. Do a lot of Gargle

gargle salt water with a little turmeric is a great way to soothe itchy throat and irritable . It is also important to prevent gargling throat infection worse, since it can only worsen flu . Drink a glass of warm water and then add salt and turmeric gargle at least twice a day.

Do Lots of Gargle

5. Vapor with essential oils

essential oils help to clear nasal congestion and stuffy as water vapor, which goes right through the nasal passage to other parts of the body also inhaled. this helps in reducing flu too. essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree are suggested here. You can use a normal electric vaporizer or take very hot water in a bowl and cover your face and head with a towel. Inhale the steam to get relief.

Steam With Essential Oils

6. Herbal teas

There are plenty of herbal tea can be consumed to get relief from the symptoms of flu. These include tea made with ginger leaves, honey and basil. The anti-viral properties of these ingredients fight against all flu symptoms, including cold, cough and fever. You can also take chamomile tea to also get some sleep and relaxation as resting the body heals faster.

Herbal Teas

7. Compress or shower Cold

If the fever is high every time, you can then try a cold or keep wet and cold cloth on the forehead pad. This helps to body temperature does not greatly increase. You can add a few drops of cologne to it for a calming effect. In some cases, take a shower and wetting your hair is recommended to reduce fever. But if you’re shivering or feeling very cold, then avoid it.

Cold Compress or Shower

Make sure you have plenty of rest and not strain yourself or exercise for this period. Grabbing a lot of naps only help your body heal faster.

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