7 Home Remedies for new bone growth

7 Home Remedies for new bone growth ;

Home Remedies For Bone Regrowth

One of the ways to heal broken bones is the new bone growth. bone damage may be due to a couple of reasons, such as aging, calcium deficiency, degeneration of body tissues, intense exercise, continuous pressure on a bone in particular overindulgence in physical activity, general wear and physiological changes. These factors lead to cartilage breakdown, which weakens the muscles and tendons softening. Bone fracture may occur in the spine, hips, feet, knees, shoulders and hands. There are several types of surgeries and medical treatments available that help in the regeneration of damaged bones. These treatments are very expensive and can cause side effects as well. It is best to try several safe, affordable and easy to use home remedies leads to the growth of new bone to bone damage combat effectively.

Here are 7 home remedies for new bone growth


flax seeds are very beneficial to alleviate pain due to bone damage. Flex seeds can be eaten raw or added to wholemeal and dishes to reap its benefits. These seeds have a lot of antioxidants and have significant anti-inflammatory properties. The intake of flaxseed is good for maintaining healthy joints.



Powder turmeric has been known for its wide range of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Add a pinch of turmeric in warm milk to heal the wound, relieves pain and cures bone damage. The intake of turmeric helps in the regeneration of new bone and bone union.



avocado has a lot magnesium in it that is very essential mineral for the formation of new bone through effective utilization of calcium in the body. Magnesium has the power to relieve pain due to bone damage. Few other sources of magnesium are pumpkin seeds, white beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, rice and millet.


Flaxseed oil

linseed oil is also very effective in reducing the painful sensation due to the break in the bone. Consuming this oil in food or applied topically to the affected area.

Linseed Oil

Sunflower seeds

Another food very beneficial it is good for the bones are sunflower seeds. These seeds are a major component in them – Vitamin B5 that helps in the recovery of pain and muscle deterioration. an important molecule called acetylcholine that helps improve nerve function and prevents nerve damage is formed. Eating sunflower seeds accelerates the healing process, decreases the intensity of joint pain, improves muscle strength and prevent symptoms associated with muscle fatigue or joint.

Sunflower Seeds


Spinach is a vital ingredient that helps restore proper pH balance in the body. The inclusion of fresh spinach leaves in your diet prevents inflammation and gives relief from pain. This helps in increasing the alkali content in the body and acts as a buffer to heartburn.


Fish oil

The fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which is one of the strongest tools of food to address inflammation, pain and irritation due to damage bone. Fish oil is readily available in tablet form.

Fish Oil

These super foods will help in protecting bones and tissues surrounding the repetitive strain and bone damage. These foods are specialized foods that help in bone formation through the migration of calcium and deposit it at the site of damage. The accumulation of calcium in the bottom of the fractured bone is a procedure that would take a few weeks to happen.

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