6 ways to treat cold child at home

6 ways to treat cold child at home ;

6 Ways To Treat Infant Cold At Home

child cold is something that is very irritable, both for the child and the mother. Babies can not be given counter medications or remedy for colds, especially steam friction or balms. But their small nasal passages are blocked and stuck fast. This means they are quite uncomfortable and could not sleep as a result. What happens in this test is the mother and child become irritable.

For the child, the constant crying and inability to drink milk or any food makes the condition worse and can lead to loss of fluids. Fortunately, there are many home remedies available to relieve and treat this problem. hot

Massage with mustard oil and garlic

One of the most proven and successful remedies for the common cold is to massage the baby gently with a little hot mustard and garlic oil. You can do this remedy at home by heating few cloves of garlic (with skin on) in the gas or oven. Once the temperature is bearable for small, rub it on the chest, neck and feet. Make sure you do not let the oil for more than 10 minutes on the skin. Then wipe with a damp, warm towel.

Warm Massage With Mustard Oil And Garlic


Remember your little you can not give the normal steam adults can take. So high heat is not tolerable for them and can cause respiratory problems. But you can create a natural steam room for them in the hot water bath and keep the door closed. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree on the cube to create some aroma. This helps loosen the mucus, which can be taken then using your hand or a rubber bulb.

Inhaling Steam Or Mist

nose drops

or saline nose drops are easily available in the market, but also can make one at home . It takes about 1/2 of a teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of clean, filtered water. Use this as a nasal drop, but do not store for more than a day. If using nasal drops bought store. One or two drops in each nostril helps in cleansing the nostrils. Be sure to carry out excessive mucus coming out.

Nasal Drops


This is one of the best and most natural remedy that a mother can give to her child. child Breastfeeding helps increase immunity, which in turn helps cure the common cold much faster. Milk is also one of the rare fluids that a child can keep down or taken over a cold. Is a location suggests using nasal drops and then feed the child as the nose is clearer at that time.


Natural Vapor Rub

A rub natural steam can be done at home using beeswax, essential aromatic oils and aloe. Take a few drops of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and oregano oil. Then add some shea butter or beeswax to make a natural massage. Apply on the baby’s chest, as needed. Be sure to do a skin test first to ensure that the oils are not in excessive amounts.

Natural Vapour Rub


Natural or desi ghee is a good lubricant that helps eliminate the worst forms of blocked nostrils. Just take a small portion of ghee and place it near the nostrils of the child. As the baby breathes, butter is absorbed naturally in the nostrils. Lubricant in ghi helps clear mucus dry and coarse, and provides a food to dry nostrils, which is also prone to wear. Use homemade butter or organic butter instead of shopping options brought.

Ayurvedic Ghee

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