5 home remedies to cure dehydration

5 home remedies to cure dehydration ; dehydration problem

Dehydration is the main threat in hot summers and usually occurs when not replenish the water lost by us throughout the day. It can be caused by exercise, illness or enough drinking water is not consumed.

Treatment of dehydration in the natural way is the best way instead of running for medicines and drinking water is the best remedy of all time, along with some homemade drinks to treat dehydration …

the use of aqueous fruits and vegetables that have higher water levels as cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, strawberries, melons, bananas and egg plant consumption is the best remedy. water veggies

salad prepared by all the vegetables, which are exhibiting early symptoms of dehydration to regulate body fluid levels.

drink fruit juices and milkshakes is another best remedy for replenishing fluid levels. And regulate electrolyte levels in the body we can add salt and honey to fruit juices and smoothies.

Coconut water is the natural reinforcement and moisturizing factor. It is high electrolyte level and the version of the sports drink better natures. Coconut water has the same consistency as blood plasma and is used as a saline blood transfusions. Its high mineral content relative is the best filler dehydration than normal water. coconut water

The high content of potassium and iron coconut water helps restore the delicate balance of electrolytes in the body. Drinking regular basis in cures of chronic dehydration problems, but go natural instead of packaged ones.

butter milk is an excellent home remedy to cure chronic dehydration problems and gives immediate relief. Whey drink freshly prepared to re-hydrate the body and normalize electrolyte imbalances milk. Try this place full of milk butter for best results. butter milk

  • Make a mixture of fenugreek powder and yogurt for rehydration and excellent cooling agent.
  • Take dry ginger powder mixed with milk and butter, add a little salt to taste and drink three times a day to maintain proper hydration in the body.
  • The serum may also be better for buttermilk and lemon juice with a pinch of salt satisfied the problem of dehydration.

rice porridge or congee is the best remedy for dehydration to feed patients as well. rice porridge or congee is a thick rice milk is very popular in most countries. Feed the rice porridge dehydrated person with a pinch of salt to normalize electrolyte levels in the body. rice gruel

Take some brown rice and soak for half an hour. Cook the rice with 4 times the amount of rice is cooked correctly until a watery consistency. Remove from heat and add a pinch of salt and consume hot. This instantly resets dehydration and energizes the body.

Sodium bicarbonate is the best anti acid agent and better address the problems of dehydration. Sodium bicarbonate serves as the best rehydration solution and energizing and can consume without any investment by preparing it very easy at home. baking soda

We can prepare this drink at home with simple kitchen items. Take a tablespoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt to boiled and cooled water. Mix well adding some sugar to water and drink this invigorating drink for several times to cure chronic dehydration.

Note :. More than two days consumption can cause tooth torture

Try home remedies to cure the problem of dehydration and, if the problem then seek immediate medical help.

Fluid consumption is the best remedy in the supply of essential nutrients faster than using the solution that we drink.

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