5 Disturbingly Bizarre Skin Care Ingredients

5 Disturbingly Bizarre Skin Care Ingredients ;

All (not all though) must be given in the use of products containing a questionable ingredient, right? Such products skin care and stimulating come with seductive promises, we can not just keep buying our mischievous side. But these ingredients that sound strangely skin are one of the most promising industry ingredients in skin care. While you must have a second thought before using these products on the face or body, given up on the fact that really work! These 5 skin treatments have stolen all the attention for some time by his miraculous

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• Baba Caracol
comes all the way from Greece. I would like to take you back to the time of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine. You must be knowing that all doctors have to take the Hippocratic oath before starting his career in drugs. This great doctor prescribes crush snails for many skin treatments at the time. But times have changed. We do not need to put those cute little mollusks in the face to get the benefits, now. Besides, why should we take their lives for our own beauty? Modern scientists have devised an alternative for this remedy. Now make use sticky trail of snails leave behind when dragged. It is known as Baba de Caracol. It is being used in many beauty products as Mizon Korean Snail Repair Cream all-in-one. And we know that Koreans are the owners of better skin type in the world! The benefits of this ingredient is said to be Hydrate, fight wrinkles, blemishes correction and anti-acne.

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• Poisons
Who would say no to Botox injections to return at the time of her beauty? Especially if they are given for free! But unfortunately, there is no way you can get a free botox injection. But certainly we have an alternative. Humans have alternative (Jugaad) for almost everything in the world. Bee venom is said to be a natural botox because it stimulates the production of collagen, which is the main element of skin rejuvenation. British tabloids have claimed that Kate Middleton has used a product containing bee venom before her wedding night. Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted the use of bee venom therapy for his old wound. If bee venom appears to be a “Eww! ‘To you, then you will be amazed to know that snake venom is also used for skin care. Many brands of skin care have admitted to using synthetic peptides are the unwary to the poison of natural snake. the snake venom of the temple viper works as an excellent remedy against aging. again, Mizon offers a serum anti-aging with snake venom as an active ingredient.

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• Placenta
all know what is the placenta. But if it does not, which is the body in the form of temporary tube that comes with the baby during birth. the placenta is not only useful for the baby, but also for our skin. facial masks made Placenta using firm, lift and moisturise the skin. The placenta is rich in vitamins, proteins and enzymes offer a healthy skin in no time. Face mask often comes in the form of mask sheet. Correct acne and increase collagen fibers in our skin. Mind and was blown? Right? Many people have already admitted the use of the placenta in your beauty regimen!

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• Foreskin
Yes, you read that right! Oprah made this very popular treatment. It consists of small pieces of human skin grown in the laboratory carefully. SkinMedica, the brand involved with this treatment, however, claims that have only been used hormones extracted human foreskin, instead of the foreskin itself. This treatment is also used to grow new skin cells in burn victims. SkinMedica also claims that have been producing this cream using the foreskin of a voluntary donor.

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• Nightingale guano
This may sound confusing and strange. But this is what you should be seeing every day around. Yes, we are talking about the bird poop! Japanese and Koreans have been using nightingale droppings in his regime skin care from 800! When dried and became a cream, these caca actually help the skin to retain moisture. This treatment has worked well for those geishas and kabuki actors wearing makeup made of zinc and lead. This cream makeup melts completely and leaves the skin moisturized and conditioned. But do not worry, you have to go to additional exclusive salons and Spa for the ‘Face Geisha’ done.

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P.S. It is definitely not affordable!

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