5 Best and simple home remedies for vitiligo

5 Best and simple home remedies for vitiligo ; vitiligo

Vitiligo or leukoderma is a skin disease caused by the destruction of the melanin pigment cells of the skin. Because the skin appear with white spots or patches chalk called vitiligo, this results in darker people skin color. This chronic disease that affects about 1.5% of the world population with the discomfort and inconvenience associated as intolerance to sunlight.

In 30% of cases this can be cured by sunlight and in other cases a dermatologist treatment is needed. Try these simple home remedies along with a good nutritious diet …

weed seeds psoralen have proven very effective in the treatment of vitiligo and associated problems. in essence, bronzing replicate and restore melanin in skin cells. the regular use of these seeds reduces stains and the color of the skin back. psoralian seeds in treating vitiligo

Type 1

Take 2 teaspoons of seeds psoralen and small amount of tamarind and soak them in water for about 4 days and strain the water. dry them and ground into a fine paste by adding a little water and apply this paste on the patched area. Make it dry for about 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. use regulate this gives a better cure.

Type 2

Take a tablespoon of seeds psoralen powder, ginger powder and mix it with a glass of warm milk. Consume this milk every day for best results.

Turmeric and mustard oil treatment is as effective as psoralen seeds and helps in reducing white spots. The antioxidant shows a characteristic of turmeric results in proven. turmeric and mustard oil treating vitiligo

Take 250 ml of oil best mustard if used organic and mix 5 teaspoons dusty organic turmeric. Stir this mixture well and apply to the affected areas and leave it for about 20 minutes and wash. Regular use gives effective results in treating patchy skin.

studies show that radish seeds can bring regeneration of melanin in skin cells. the radish seeds also limits the progression of the disease, as well as help pigmentation re WSD. oral consumption of radish also helps increase immunity for vitiligo. radish seeds and vinegar

Take radish seeds fine powder and add a little vinegar to him to turn it into a fine paste. Add the vinegar as consistency and powder as per the requirement for an external application on the spots. Apply this paste on the affected white spots and let it dry. Wash and repeat the procedure until the complete change of skin color patched in its original color.

The red clay is the best and cheapest method of . The copper content clay is very efficient in restoring pigmentation. red clay mixed with ginger juice stimulates restoration of melanin in skin cells, increasing blood flow of stains. red clay treatment

Take some juice of red clay and ginger to prepare a thin mixture. Add the ginger juice to make a thin paste with clay and apply the patched areas and let dry. Continuous application of this in the affected regions will restore the pigments of the skin and makes it win the original color of it.

leaves of fresh basil are very efficient and tested in the treatment of skin patches of vitiligo. Appling leaves sweet basil in cure the pigmented area affected areas and problems triggers melanin deficiency in cells. sweet basil leaves in treating vitiligo

Take extracted some basil leaves and mix with lots of lemon juice. Mix well to have a fine blend and apply this mixture on the affected area. Generosa apply on skin blemishes and let dry and rinse with warm water. Regular use of this mixture for a few months give the regeneration of melanin and turns your beautiful skin.

There is no specific cause factors, but for centuries the attributes people is caused by improper combinations of food consumption such as pumpkin and milk, onion and milk, etc, which has not been proven . Studies show that this is caused due to autoimmune component, such as the development of antibodies that destroy the melanocytes, hereditary factors, nervous secretions, and nutritional deficiencies.

People prone to this disease avoid exposing light of frequent and prolonged sun and the need to cover the body with sun protective lotions, clothes abroad.

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