15 RESOURCES, give relief in weakness

15 RESOURCES, give relief in weakness ;

COMMON: People who are physically strong, their married life also goes happily. Hence any kind of weakness in a man low confidence. How many times presence of these physical weaknesses of a man become the reason of their unhealthy relationships. Some physical weakness as a nightmare, early fall, etc. What it happens mainly due to the absence of control over our mind.

sex-related problems in a human life can happen at the beginning of his / her sexual life, or may occur after the experience of unsatisfied and unhappy sex. Sexual problems can cause both physical and mental problems. Today we will tell you about some of these remedies that have proven useful in providing relief to a man in his weakness.

1. Every day before going to sleep at night 2 cloves garlic chewing. Then drink some water. Mix sugar candy smiled amla powder, then every day before bedtime take a spoonful of this mixture. After that again drink some water.

2. Eat amla jam. Bananas are the fruit that increase the power men. Eat bananas every day and if possible also drink milk after it.

3. For male impotence should chew away ladyfinger premium. In this ladyfinger situation is good medicine.

4. Make juice blend the white part of the onion, honey, ginger juice and butter, and eat for 21 days continuously also soon eliminate impotence in men and lead to their male power.

5. Take 3 g. touch me not plant seeds powder and mixed in milk, drink this milk before bed at night, it will help physically weak people.

6. healthy thinking only keeps our health. For these problems our heart and mental conditions are also largely responsible. The presence of jealousy, tensions and rakes work or some feelings are also responsible for problems like the nightmare and early autumn.

7. Fenugreek is considered very effective medicine of this problem. Take 2 tablespoon fenugreek juice with 1/2 tablespoon honey provides quick comfort of this problem.

8. Our habits also affects our health a lot. This is just the reason that at some point eating something wrong, the wrong time in the wrong way, in the wrong amount and unnaturally also have a negative effect on our health much. These reasons not only all health effects, while also having bad effect on someone married life. And even eat more than necessary can also cause weakness in men.

9. More fast food like pizza, hamburger is also one of the reasons. And consume more butter, milk, dairy products are not considered healthy according to Ayurveda.

10. Eating too raw onion cure for nightmares. If onion is consumed in food in any form it is beneficial in this problem. And if eaten raw is more beneficial.

11. Some plants are considered as waste and are starting and pulling. One among these plants is Boerhavia diffusa too. The juice of fresh roots of this plant (2 spoon), taking milk for 2-3 months that provides sense of youth to match the person that is becoming old.

12. Sesame oil also works as a panacea for this problem. In any amount taken sesame takes juice bottle gourd oil also same amount. Before sleep during the night massage with this mixture on the head and body. It is a very effective remedy that can cure your problem without spending any higher amount.

13. integral with water and eat cereals after germination, increasing our blood. Regular consumption also give relief in nightmares.

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