12 natural treatments for angular cheilitis

12 natural treatments for angular cheilitis ;

What is angular cheilitis? angular cheilitis commonly referred to inflammation in one or even both corners of the mouth. These are actually a kind of sensitive sores that starts with a bit of discomfort and then takes a severe form that causes cracks, dryness and red lesions over time. angular cheilitis does not spread, as it only sticks to the surface of the lips.

One thing you should consider if the angular cheilitis develops only on one side of the mouth then make sure not to touch the other corner of his mouth with the same lipstick tube balm lip or especially with the same finger. If you touch the same finger on the other side of the mouth and then spread to the other side too.

The causes of angular cheilitis

Common causes of angular cheilitis are the lack of hygiene, deficiency of important minerals such as vitamin B2, zinc and iron, dental ill-fitting dentures, and age is also the cause of angular cheilitis. These all major causes of angular cheilitis, but you can deal with this problem through simple, easy and natural treatments in the country.

The symptoms of angular cheilitis

Symptoms of Angular Cheilitis

The symptoms of angular cheilitis may be mild or severe, but usually, the first symptom of this problem is cracked and dry lips. Three stages minor, mild to severe angular cheilitis is generally realized and their symptoms are:

Minor angular Cheiliti

Whenever the person suffers from secondary phase of angular cheilitis the symptoms usually go unnoticed and symptoms at this early stage are:

  • Small blisters on the skin looks at the corners of the mouth
  • You can also feel stiffness in one or both corners. of his mouth.
  • may also feel discomfort when opening the mouth.

slight angular cheilitis

In the mild stage of angular cheilitis, symptoms are felt worldwide and at this stage most people they try to treat this problem with Chap Stick.

  • While eating or opening your mouth wide, marked distress observed in one or both sides of the mouth.
  • skin also hashes the accumulation in one or only one of the corners of the mouth.
  • slight swelling or redness is also seen in the corners of the mouth.

severe angular cheilitis

at this stage, the symptoms of angular cheilitis become very prominent where most people realize that they are no more dealing with chapped lips and the problem is more than just cracking. In this severe stage of angular cheilitis, topical ointment and Cap so that the garrote help.

  • At this stage, one can feel noticeable discomfort or even pain when talking, eating and movement of the mouth.
  • In one or even both sides of the mouth appear serious and painful blisters.
  • edges of the mouth also separate, it is very difficult to cure.

Natural Treatments for Angular Cheilitis

12 natural treatments for angular cheilitis

Here are some simple and effective natural treatments to cure angular cheilitis below:

  1. honey

to fight the infection causing microorganisms, honey is the best option. Honey is also easily available at home, but make sure you have pure honey. Apply honey directly with the help of your finger on the affected area and leave for 15 minutes. After that, wash the area of ​​the lips or mouth with water. It can also be used in conjunction with cucumber, as it also works well with this.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is very effective to relieve pain and treat angular cheilitis. Take one of aloe vera or leaf stalk and cut so that the portion of aloe vera gel leaves the problem directly affected or cracked corners of the mouth, as it has proven to be very effective and useful. Before application of aloe vera in the affected area, cooling a sheet of the same. Rub the part of aloe vera gel directly for a few minutes and then let it dry for at least 15 to 20 minutes. After drying wash it with fresh tap water.

  1. moisturizer and Balm

Moisturizer and Lip Balms

Use unflavored and balms smell lip as Vaseline or virgin coconut oil to cure angular cheilitis infection as these are very effective and excellent natural treatments for this problem. Just make sure that the balm or moisturizer you use does not contain any chemicals. Apply moisturizer or balm many times as possible in a day and do not forget to apply it just before bedtime.

  1. Water

One of the best mantras to address the problem of angular cheilitis is “hydrate you.” In a day, drink much water as possible so that you do not get dry or chapped lips as dry lips eventually develop cracks. to heal chapped lips or dry, keeping the body hydrated and consume 10 to 12 glasses of water a day.

  1. cocoa butter

cocoa butter is a very effective natural moisturizer that can help avoid the problem of chapped lips. it’s not just a natural moisturizer, but also very effective in curing angular cheilitis. Apply a small amount of natural cocoa butter directly with the help of your finger on the affected area and apply two or three times a day area.

  1. oil tea tree

Art Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil

If the grooves are developed in the corners of the mouth, then use oil tea tree is that is very effective for the treatment of angular cheilitis. In mild or severe stages of angular cheilitis, these cuts can be very painful and even feel pain when eating or talking. Prepare a homemade mixture containing tea tree oil and vitamin E oil for the treatment of angular cheilitis. Take two tablespoons of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of vitamin E oil in a bowl and mix well to form a mixture then apply this mixture on the affected areas through the finger and leave. On a daily basis, applying this mixture at least five times a day. To accelerate the rate of healing of the cracks this remedy is very effective and useful.

  1. Lemon

For the treatment of angular cheilitis, lemon can be a good home remedy because it can easily deal with the infection causing angular cheilitis. Before applying lemon cracked corners of the mouth to soften ensure that damaged tissues, make sure that the corners of the mouth should be soaked in hot water as this can also help open injuries.

squeeze lemon juice in the affected areas and massage in a circular motion for about two to three minutes movement. After rinsing the corners of the mouth and with a soft cloth and dry mouth. In order to get the best and quick results, repeat the procedure after every five hours

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  1. cucumber

cucumber for teeth pain

cucumber is one of the best home remedies and natural effective treatment for angular cheilitis that can help moisturize chapped and dry lips due to the angular cheilitis and relief of pain caused by these slits. Take a cucumber and sliced, grab a slice and keep it in affected area for a few minutes and repeat this process twice in one day. Before application, since cucumber in a refrigerator to cool.

  1. Coconut oil

To destroy harmful microorganisms that are responsible for the cause angular cheilitis or different skin conditions, oil coconut is very beneficial. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer also so for the treatment of angular cheilitis is an excellent remedy. At three or four times a day, apply coconut oil on the affected areas through the finger. Coconut oil can also prevent future cases of angular cheilitis.

  1. Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking Soda

to kill microorganisms that can cause infections such as angular cheilitis, the sodium bicarbonate can be useful. Make a paste by mixing baking soda in a few drops of water apply this paste on the affected areas of their lips through his finger. For about five minutes, leave the paste and washed with water and then dry the skin with a soft cloth. Repeat the process twice daily for best results

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  1. Glycerin

to keep your lips hydrated all time, glycerine is highly effective and is also beneficial for the treatment of angular cheilitis. At least three or four times during a day, simply apply a small amount of glycerin on your finger and apply it on the affected areas of angular cheilitis.

  1. Ointments for angular cheilitis

There are also many natural ointments available in the market that are specifically for the treatment of angular cheilitis. ‘Terrasil repair skin’ is one of the ointments that within one day of using provide significant improvements. It can also relieve irritation, redness and swelling associated with angular cheilitis.

Measures for the prevention of angular cheilitis

following measures can help prevent angular cheilitis and avoid licking your lips, drinking plenty of water, increasing your immune system and also taking supplements folic acid, iron and vitamin B to overcome the deficiencies in your body.

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