11 home remedies for burns

11 home remedies for burns ;

Burn is a serious injury that causes trauma. The main cause of burns is the transfer of heat in the skin due to the heat produced by the fire, electricity or any other method that is exposed to high temperatures. You can get burn electrical equipment for domestic use, such as the oven, stove and microwave. Minor burns occur in ten percent of the body surface. These burns affect the upper layer of the skin.


The burn causes redness on the skin. It can also cause pain. If these burns are left untreated, there can be blistering. Home Burns can be treated with home remedies, as these are burns first degree burns. You must use home remedies to cure minor burns. The best home remedies for burns are as follows.

Various home remedies for burns

Agua Fria

Apply cold water on the burned skin. Water will remove heat and prevent the spread of the burn. Repeat this again after a few hours. You can use cold compresses to the burned area .Take bath with cold water at frequent intervals. You can also wash burned skin with cold milk. Never use ice on the burned skin like ice can stop the blood flow in the skin and cause tissue damage.

Cold Water


raw potato stops irritation caused by the burn. Calm the burned area. As soon as you get a burn, you should rub raw potato on the burnt area. You can also apply potato juice burned skin . It reduces pain caused by the burn and prevents blistering.

Raw Potato

Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking sodium helps in healing burns. Decreases pain caused by the burn . Add baking soda with a little water. Let him apply it on the burnt have to become dry. When baking soda paste becomes dry, rinse the skin and apply the paste again.

Baking Soda

Aloe Vera

Apply water or vinegar on the burned area and then apply Aloe Vera in it. Use aloe vera juice or extract the gel from fresh aloe to break the aloe vera leaf . Aloe vera should be fresh. You can also apply a lotion made of aloe vera on the burn. Aloe vera pain and tissue from the burned skin heals. It is an astringent and helps in healing burns.

Aloe Vera


Apply honey burned and covered with a dressing area. Reapply honey four times a day to change the dressing every time. Honey helps to disinfect wounds. is an effective remedy for burns . Honey helps in cleansing the burned area by removing fluid therefrom. It also decreases pain due to sunburn. It heals the scars caused by burns.


Tea Bag

bag tea immersion in cold water, tea extract and apply to the burned area. You can apply the tea bag directly into the burned area. Covering the skin with gauze to enclose the tea bag . Tea contains tannic acid, which extracts heat from sunburn and reduces pain. This is an effective remedy for minor burns.

Tea Bag


Clear egg is a very good remedy for burns. Break an egg and separate the white of . Apply the egg white in the burned Let him have it become dry. When dried egg, egg white applied again. This remedy to promote healing and prevent scarring.

Egg White


Vinegar has properties antiseptic, which helps in the treatment of infection. This helps in relaxing the tissues of burned skin. Mix vinegar and water in equal quantities and apply to the burned area . Soak a cloth in the solution of vinegar and cover the burned area with him. Repeat the remedy after three hours. Vinegar is an astringent and an effective analgesic.


banana peel banana peel

aids in healing of burns. Apply skin on burned skin . Keep going until the skin turns black. banana peel soothes burned skin. The peel contains oil, which helps heal the pain caused by the burn.

Banana Peel

Onion juice

The onion juice can help in healing minor burns. It contains sulfur compounds, which helps in the healing of pain caused by burns. Onion juice also contains quercetin, which is very good for treating burns. Cut the onion extract the juice and apply it on the burnt area . Onion juice prevents blistering. Make this remedy many times in a day. You must ensure that fresh cut onion. If you use an old onion, it will not be effective in the treatment of burns, like an old onion has medicinal properties.


Lavender oil

Apply oil lavender essential skin. Lavender oil has antiseptic properties. This helps in the healing of pain and scarring caused by the burn. Put oil in cheesecloth and apply to the burn . Change the gauze every three hours. Make this remedy many times in a day.

Lavender Oil

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