10 Natural home remedies to get rid of the flu and cold fast

10 Natural home remedies to get rid of the flu and cold fast ;

Getting the flu can sometimes make people want to be good immediately, because they know they will not be able to achieve anything while they have it. And you, do you feel the same about flu too? It is likely that the moment they begin to feel the symptoms of flu, the world is already involved with misery because other symptoms such as sore throat and some pains that are causing you to be uncomfortable.

Although there are several drugs prescription to help get rid of the flu in the soonest time possible, there are cases where there is no need to take these drugs more because there are several remedies home you can prove that it can effectively get rid of the flu.

Get Rid of the Flu

Are you curious about what home remedies would have to do to help get rid of the flu?

10 Natural home remedies to get rid of the flu and cold quickly

  1. blowing the nose

This might seem like a natural thing to do. It is normal that when the nose starts to gain weight, which would sound the nose to clear the nasal passages again and be allowed to breathe again. One thing to remember is that the nose ring in the proper way, which is lightly. This is the proper way to blow your nose: ..

  • Press a finger over one nostril
  • gently blow into the other nostril to allow the mucus to exit
  • do the same for the other nostril.
  • Wash your hands after blowing your nose.
  1. Hydrate Yourself

Drink Water

Since it is feeling some chills while you have the flu, you may have the tendency to forget drinking water. You need to constantly moisturize while you have the flu in order to be strong enough and help rid their bodies against the virus causing the flu in your body. Water is fine although you may also want to take in other beverages that do not contain caffeine to make sure

  • Be sure to drink 8 – 10 glasses of water .. day
  • take soups in order to hydrate the body.
  • Liquids that come with ions that can make your body stronger also be drunk too.
  1. Take time Remaining

In this busy world at the moment, at rest seems to be a difficult thing to do, as there are many things that should be done. The body gets used to having to work so many hours during the day, usually get to sleep a maximum of 6 hours each night. It is natural that the body does not get enough time to recover which makes it harder for the body to fight various diseases. Remember that when you have flu, this could be the shape of your body to tell you that you have to rest.

  • Even if you have a strict exercise routine, listen to your body. If you know that you can not take, you do not exercise.
  • Now it is the time to lie around and sleep whenever you want.
  • do your daily tasks yet because everyone can do when you feel better.
  1. Use the humidifier

One of the main reasons why it may be difficult for you when you have the flu should that you can barely breathe. If this is the case, use a humidifier can help clear her blocked nose passages immediately.

  • Make sure the humidifier is clean before use.
  • Turn it on and wait a few minutes.
  • Try to breathe the air that will bring to help you get rid of sinus problems and make you feel better.
  • an alternative to this is to take a hot shower, but do not force yourself to do this if you can barely get out of bed.
  1. Hot Compress

Warm Compress

at this point, that of flu can be coupled with fever and other symptoms that are uncomfortable. Using hot compress and place it on the forehead can give immediate relief as this relaxes the nerves.

  • Prepare hot compress and place it near the forehead and nose.
  • If you do not have hot compress, you can also use a warm cloth.
  • Place on the forehead for as long as it is hot enough.
  • Replace if necessary.
  1. Sleep with an extra pillow

at this point you may wonder how an extra pillow can help combat the effects of having the flu . You have to know that with the extra pillow, drainage of the nasal passages can be easier. This can lead to being able to breathe more easily.

  • Place an extra pillow under your head.
  • Make sure the angle is comfortable enough.
  • not be too high, as they will run the risk of getting a stiff neck the next day.
  • Make sure the slope is more gradual to make it easier for you.
  1. Neti

pot Neti is commonly used in order to allow the saline to pass through one nostril and out the other nostril. This will help clear your nasal passages and help you breathe better what gives you instant relief when needed. Just make sure that you consult your doctor about it, so they can be eliminated with the use of this.

  • Follow the instructions that are given.
  • Place the saline in the Neti pot.
  • slowly place the tip of the neti pot into one nostril.
  • Tilt your head at an angle of 45 degrees and allow the solution to pass through one of his nostrils that go to the other nostril.
  • Do the same for the other nostril to nostril become clear.
  1. Saline Spray Use

saline solution is quite easy to do, although there are those packaged they can be purchased at the pharmacy; you can make your own saline solution by mixing sea salt and hot water.

  • Mix sea salt and warm water.
  • Place the mixture in a spray bottle.
  • spray gently around twice in one nostril.
  • Repeat for the other nostril.
  • This will give immediate relief, especially when it is deleted from the sinuses.
  1. Echinacea

If you are not familiar with this, Echinacea is known to be herbal supplement that can help fight flu and colds . Remember that although can not be used to prevent colds and flu happen, this can reduce the symptoms you might feel significantly.

  • Take echinacea when you feel the symptoms begin to take place.
  • continues to take every day for a period of 10 days.
  • remember that this should be taken only once a day.
  1. vitamin C

There are always some drugs that are advertised on television, vitamin C is usually one of the ingredients mentioned and this is just normal because vitamin [19459006C] can be very effective in eliminating flu.

  • Infuse vitamin C in your diet by eating fruit liquids that are rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, lime and orange.
  • Eat fruits after every meal instead of their usual dessert.
  • Please remember not to take too much vitamin C as this can cause some digestive problems.

The above mentioned things are just some of the things you can do to help get rid of the flu. When you start to feel better, take it easy since symptoms may recur if your body becomes overworked immediately.

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