10 home remedies for joint pain

10 home remedies for joint pain ;

is that already suffered as a result of injury or experienced in the context of a problem chronic health, joint pain is physically and emotionally draining. You can do the simplest tasks difficult, disrupt your sleep and stop taking part in activities they used to love. While it is important to talk about physical therapy and prescription potentially suitable recipe with your doctor, it’s also smart to treat these ten popular home remedies for joint pain.

1. Drink molasses

blackstrap molasses

Molasses provides a number of important minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is also a traditional remedy for joint pain as it seems to be able to improve both the nerve and muscle function. Simply mix 1 scoop with a cup of warm water and drink no more than once a day (as it can loosen the intestines when taken too often!).

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