10 home remedies for colic babies

10 home remedies for colic babies ;


the world is new for small babies and are not adapted to the environment both in their early months. Therefore, they faced many problems related to their health and behavior. colic problem is one of them. cramping problems are very common in babies and leave them restless and crying. cramping problems are general problem with babies, but the lack of awareness of treating colic makes it a big problem. problems of colic in babies start at the age of two or three weeks and disappears with age 4-6 months, but this period is very painful for babies. There are some home remedies for colic babies. cramping problems are exhausting and frustrating condition for babies and parents. Raising a child with colic is not an easy task and gives many sleepless nights and endless screaming baby. The exact reason for the colic problem is controversial in infants. However, there are a variety of things, which is considered as the initiator. They are underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract, general irritability, emotional stress, food allergies and vaccines. An elimination diet is a better way to judge a food allergy that is responsible for the child discomfort.

list of 10 home remedies for colic babies

Anti-colic bottles

If the baby is fed or bottle (both breast and bottle) fed combination, then it is good to use anti-colic bottles. These bottles are specially designed internal ventilation which removes bubbles in vacuum and air feeding milk and help reduce burping, digestive discomfort and wind. anti-colic bottles are readily available in the store pharmacy and a bottle or two are enough for the baby.



Infacol has anti properties -flatulento to be its main ingredient simethicone. It is inserted into the body using a syringe or dropper before feeding the baby. Infacol works as an anti-foam agent and forming bind to small gas bubbles to form larger bubbles in the stomach. The main concept of this is to expel the trapped gas during belching or wind.


Influenza water

Influenza water invented by English chemist William Woodward in 1840. Since then, it has been used to treat infants with colic, abdomen and wind problems. Flu original water contains no alcohol, baking soda and dill. However, in the nineties, the formula was reformed to avoid the use of alcohol. calm colic gripe water is a homeopathic medicine that contains herbs.

gripe water

Colife infant drops

A sometimes, breastfed babies felt hard to digest lactose which is present in breast milk and formula. A natural lactase enzyme is present in drops Colife, which helps in the breakdown of lactose.


Probiotic drops

probiotic drinks can also an option to get rid of colic in babies. The structure of the intestinal flora of symptoms of colic display is different in babies with colic no. Probiotics kills harmful bacteria and contrary to the nature of antibiotics. Probiotics provides beneficial bacteria in the digestive system and helps the digestive system back into a normal state. Probiotic drops can help babies suffering from colic will recover soon.



A gentle massage careful on the tummy helps babies to settle soon. For removal of trapped wind tummy, move your fingers clockwise, encouraging to release trapped wind out. Entering his legs to his abdomen they were also released and stimulates to release trapped wind out. Massaging the back also helps in the release of wind. Gently massage with olive oil is perfect for babies.


Tiger Technical

technique Tigre It involves placing the baby and down with the head with the arms of the mother and her head is on the side of the mother. Mother’s arm supporting the weight of the baby and the hand holding the top of the leg. Now gives a gentle massage in the abdomen in a clockwise direction helps babies to relieve colic discomfort.



Regular burping during and after feeding helps stop the wind to catch in the bowels of causing discomfort. There are many types of techniques such as baby sitting upright or stretch in the shoulder wound.



This ancient practice is wrapping the baby in the blanket, sheet or wrap specially designed with arms pinned to his sides preventing startle reflex and induce sleep and provide relief from colic problems.


hot bath

A hot bath also it considered as a better way to soothe the digestive discomfort of babies. It is very good and easy technique for relief of babies. Holding the baby in the bathtub tuck upright and the body is covered with hot water as babies do not like cold water. babies is provided a calming effect and releases them completely. But this will be effective only until they are in hot water. It does not eliminate the pain, but blocks for a short time.

warm bath

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