10 Effective Home Remedies for hairy tongue

10 Effective Home Remedies for hairy tongue ;

 Furry Tongue

Being the strongest muscle present in the human body, is an inevitable part of any human being can not do without due to the fact that it helps us to savor and swallow food and speak well. A healthy tongue is considered to be pink coloration and is covered by papillae, which are small nodules present on the surface of the tongue. However, sometimes the tongue was coated in a layer of white color is known as a furry tongue condition that results in bad breath and bitterness in the mouth as well.

The condition usually hairy tongue forms when dead cells, food debris and bacteria are trapped between the swollen and inflamed papillae on the surface of the tongue. Inflammation in the papillae may be due to several factors such as fever, dehydration, excessive alcohol intake, dry mouth and smoking. Other reasons include factors like having meal high in sugar levels or acid, have poor oral hygiene and also due to health problems like jaundice, liver congestion between others.Even Although this problem of not hairy tongue it is one of the major and better over time, but it is best to avoid long stay following some simple home remedies to help get rid of this problem quickly and easily.

Some of the effective home remedies for hairy tongue are analyzed as follows:

Sodium Bicarbonate

Great remedy to treat hairy tongue is by applying the paste of baking soda mixed with lemon on the tongue and teeth to reduce the white coating on the tongue and helps reduce bad breath problems, apart from bleaching teeth too.

baking soda

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is known for its great benefits in the treatment of oral questions due to the fact that is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties along with having the property of killing bacteria that causes the issue of hairy tongue and reduces bad breath too. To use this, the language must be rinsed with a spoon of aloe vera juice first and then drink more juice spoon Post that. Repeating this process every day for two weeks help much.

Consume Aloe Vera Juice

Oil Pulling

One of the easiest remedies, this can be implemented by rinsing the coconut oil mouth and spit after it extended well into the tongue and wash your mouth with water afterwards. This process helps in eliminating deposition yeast tongue decreased white layer and acts as a scavenger toxin also.

Oil Pulling


The best way to treat hairy tongue is brushing the tongue gently with a little of salt. Apart from this gargle your mouth with warm salt water daily for about 6 times helps greatly.



Having yogurt daily helps in the treatment of this condition a large lot! The yogurts good bacteria help reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi in the mouth and helps get rid of the hairy tongue pretty fast and effective.



An incredible for the treatment of hairy tongue resource, turmeric can do wonders in preventing the proliferation of bacteria on the surface of the tongue due to its anti-bacterial properties. To get the benefits just need to clean the white part of the tongue with a paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice and rinse your mouth with warm water. Repeating this regularly for a few days does the trick.


Azadirachta Indica

Another great home to reduce the condition of language, Neem or Azadirachta remedy It indicates white is effective because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties. In order to use this, one has to gargle the mouth regularly with water boiled with leaves azadiractha Indic.


vegetable glycerine

One ingredient readily available in every kitchen, vegetable glycerin has been shown to they have large effects in reducing emission white tongue. Brushing the surface of the tongue with glycerin gently help in the eradication of largely white deposition.

Vegetable Glycerin

Hydrogen peroxide

the question of furry tongue can be treated quite effectively by brushing the surface of the tongue with three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide (1 part hydrogen peroxide mixed into two parts water). This is due to the fact that hydrogen peroxide is a good antibacterial agent, which aids in preventing bacterial growth on the surface of the tongue, causing the tongue white problem.

Hydrogen Peroxide

colloidal silver

This remedy is great if the white tongue problem is caused by the growth of yeast in the mouth and is known to be loaded with antifungals, antibiotics and antimicrobial properties. Absolutely safe for use orally, this can be used by mouth diluted colloidal silver (equal parts of colloidal silver with equal parts water) for about 5 minutes spitting, following another rinse with warm water.

Colloidal Silver

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