10 Effective Home Remedies for Dog Bites

10 Effective Home Remedies for Dog Bites ;

Effective Home Remedies For Dog Bites

Dogs have been our favorite pet from the time we can remember. But their sting does not belong to the same category of love, as they often can lead to infection of rabies and other deadly infections associated significant. Regardless of knowing the vaccination status of the dog that bites, it is essentially important to place the bite wound immediately with running water and the area of ​​the bite properly washed with antiseptic soap and then consult a doctor as soon as possible. For minor, it is very important to apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandage properly bite area before reaching the doctor. However, for deeper, it is essential to be in contact a doctor immediately as they may be needed stitches to close the wounds that otherwise contract other infections. Besides that, in case of any dog ​​bite, it is highly recommended to get an injection of tetanus vaccine for 24 hours after the dog bite, if not taken any doses of tetanus booster in the last 3 months, just to be on the safe side.

Here the list of ten of the most effective home remedies for treating dog bites.

Asafetida dust

asafoetida powder is another very useful in the treatment of a dog bite wound home remedy. Pinch works like a magic in the treatment of the surface of the bite wound.

Asafetida Powder


banana is very rich source of vitamin B complex vitamin B complex plays a very important role in our body to produce antibodies and thus helps in the treatment of any infection resulting from a dog bite from within.


Black Pepper

Black pepper is another readily available ingredients that can be used so very effective in treating dog bite. Make a paste of 20 black peppercorns soaked; alone or in combination with some cumin seeds and apply on the wound dog bite works brilliantly to prevent further infections.

Black Pepper


Burdock is well known for its effect on neutralization and then remove any toxins or poison the body. The addition of 10 to 25 drops of tincture of burdock in water or cup of tea and eating 3-4 times a day provides excellent results in treating dog bite.


cumin seeds

cumin seeds are well known for their anti-toxin effects. This accurate reputation and can be used to counteract the harmful toxic effects of a dog bite. Applying a paste 2 teaspoons cumin seeds soaked works surprisingly in the treatment of wound bitten.

Cumin Seeds


garlic is like a secular panacea for all diseases. Therefore, treatment of dog bite with garlic is not a big surprise too. With its rich effects antibiotics, garlic is known to act as a very effective in treating dog bites agent. Application of garlic paste on the wound area or consuming few cloves of garlic three times a day can produce very effective results in treating dog bites.



is well known that lemons are rich source of vitamin C and vitamin C this can be very beneficial in treating dog bite. Applying lemon juice freshly drawn aids wound in combat, often witnesses, delayed wound infection bitten dog.


Mustard oil

mustard oil serves as a useful ingredient in the treatment dog bite. Applying a paste consisting of mustard oil and red chili powder yields very efficient bitten area results in addressing the concern. However, burning the combination may sound, it’s worth every bit of trouble taking into account the beneficial effects yields due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects richly packages.

Mustard Oil

sea fish

sea fish are very rich source of omega-3 vitamin B and play an important role in boosting our immune system and thus help produce protective antibodies against infection resulting from a dog bite paper.

Sea Fishes


walnut is a home very effective remedy for treating bite dog. The topical application of a homemade pasta composed of equal proportions of walnut, onion and salt in the area of ​​the bite and protection of the area with a bandage with a clean cloth or gauze helps cure bite dog wound faster. In addition to honey made pasta it provides additional benefits to mixture.All the resources mentioned above, although they are very effective in the treatment or prevention of other partner of a dog bite infections but are ineffective in protecting you scare primary viral infection of rabies. Therefore, consult a doctor as soon as possible after a dog bite is the most sensible. But, having said precautions and vaccination of dog his family and encourage others’ to do the same on schedule and taking other preventive measures to avoid dog bites like teaching all world; especially children; suitable to behave with the pet, regardless of their temperament and size, shapes are very important too.


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