19 home remedies to get rid of squirrels

Get Rid of Squirrels
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Squirrels can be found anywhere frequently. If you made a home in place, then it becomes very difficult to get rid of them. These small creatures reproduce quickly and soon become a family. They turn your garden into a hell for the destruction of bulbs freshly grown flowers and eating fruits and young leaves. Squirrels can also bring health risks. The risk of salmonella infection increases when a person comes in contact with urine and feces squirrel. They can even Because fleas and mark your pets. Therefore, before squirrels create a mess, get rid of them using the following simple home remedies.

home remedies for squirrels

1. Safflower

Safflower seeds are bitter tasting, and squirrels do not like. To keep rodents away from feeding birds, safflower seeds put into it. These seeds do not cause any harm to the birds.

2. Motion Activated Sprinklers

If you have squirrels in your garden, then it is a good way to get rid of them. This spray does not harm them. Just scares them, protecting your garden from destruction.

3. Strobes

Strobes squirrels irritates a lot. It can be mounted anywhere in your attic for possible hiding places. These lights are environmentally friendly and do not harm anyone.

4. Squirrel Trap

Put some sunflower seeds or any other foods (like nuts and apple slices) in a trap. Keep this trap in place infested squirrel. Once the rodent is trapped, release it in a distant area.

5. Hot peppers

finely ground mixture chilies and garlic together in equal parts. Add water to the mixture and preparing an aerosol. Transfer it to a spray bottle and spray the mixture onto the plant beds. It will keep the squirrels at bay.

6. mothballs

These balls are made from naphthalene flakes, which help repel squirrels. Place mothballs in places that are infested with squirrels.

7. jalapeno pepper

Take a spray bottle. Add the jalapeno pepper, vinegar and water to it. Shake well. Use this spray to get rid of squirrels in the attic.

8. Cayenne / Chili Pepper

Mix some birdseed and a tablespoon of cayenne or chili powder. Fill the bird feeder with the prepared mixture. It will not harm the birds, but repel squirrels.

9. Aspirin and Peanut Butter

Grind a couple of aspirin to a fine powder. Add the peanut butter to it. Spread the paste around the flower pots in your garden.

10. Fox urine

fox urine

spray in the corners of the attic and near the plants in your garden. It works as a natural repellent squirrel. You can buy online fox urine or a zoo.

11. apple cider vinegar

Pour the apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray in pots near holes and cracks small, where they are often squirrels. These pesky creatures can not stand the spicy sour smell.

12. Fencing

Squirrels can easily chop the cables. Therefore, instead of barbed wire, use electric fence around your garden.

13. Dog or Human Hair

Put dog or clumps of human hair on your birdfeeder, fireplaces, potted plants infested areas and squirrels. It is a simple home remedy repellent squirrel.

14. Rags use ammonia-soaked

Immerse rags in ammonia and place them in areas where squirrels frequently visit. The smell of ammonia will keep them off your property.

15. Cat litter

Looking squirrel repellent natural? Use cat litter everywhere where squirrels can access.

16. Repellent ultrasonic sound

Put a repellent ultrasonic sound device inside the attic. It is one of the most useful methods to get rid of squirrels. These devices produce sound waves away rodents frequency.

17. Peppermint oil

Take cotton balls as many as required and moisture in peppermint oil. Keep these balls in places where the squirrels.

18. Citrus Fruit Peel or compost

citrus peels or fruits that have become compost, work to deter squirrels.

19. Nutmeg and cinnamon

Take nutmeg and cinnamon in equal parts and ground to a powder. Sprinkle this powder to keep the squirrels away.

of Do

  • squirrel guard Attach the birdfeeder.
  • If there are cracks in the wall, fix them.
  • Keep your attic clean and there should be nothing that appetizing by squirrels.
  • close the vents with mesh.
  • put a shield over the fireplace so that squirrels can not enter.
  • Call pest control department if you have a family of squirrels, and they are unable to get rid of them.


  • Do not place feeders near trees in your garden.

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