How to catch fruit flies?

How to catch fruit flies? ;

This article will help you know the ways of catches fruit flies . Fruit flies are those pests that eat bad food / overripe and surplus. Sometimes this can be very irritating when your kitchen or dining room is surrounded by fruit flies. But no need to worry about it. Since there are a variety of home remedies to catch fruit flies. Moreover, these resources are the best to get rid of flies quickly and naturally fruit. All you need do is read the article more to learn about the different ways. In this article you will discover some simple and easy home remedies to catch fruit flies

ways to catch fruit flies :.

catch fruit flies

1.) old trick to catch fruit flies

the Older people are always filled with a variety of stories to share with. They have their own methods and ways to get rid of everything that is annoying. Similarly, to catch fruit flies, not an old method to apply. If you believe in the old ways and forms, then definitely try this trick. All you need is milk, black pepper and raw sugar / brown. According to your needs, you can add these three ingredients in a bowl. Now mix well and keep it in a place where you feel the fruit flies come into your kitchen or dining area. This will help kill the fruit fly instantly.

2.) Apple cider vinegar to catch the flies fruit

The apple cider vinegar is the simple expedient which it is available at home. It is not only useful in adding their culinary experiments, but also to use it for other purposes. Apple cider vinegar gives a strong essence. And fruit flies do not have the ability to resist. In this way, it will be effective to catch fruit flies home remedy. For this take the bottle of vinegar and leave the lid open. Then tie a plastic over it with the help of a rubber band. Make small holes in it for fruit flies to enter. But they will not be able to get out of it. In addition, you can add a little soapy water on it.

3.) Red Wine Fruit Flies take

Red wine has been shown attract fruit flies. Therefore, you can make a red wine trap to catch fruit flies. Requirements include only one remaining in any wine bottle of red wine. You may need to keep the lid open bottle for fruit flies to enter. You can add a few drops of water detergent in it. This trick actually makes the slippery solution and fruit flies trapped in it. And place the left over wine bottles in places where the fruit fly is seen floating around. And you realize that the flies are inside the bottle, cover it. This is a simple trick catch fruit flies .

4.) JAR containing fruits to catch fruit flies

bottle containing fruit in it is a better remedy to trap fruit flies. You will need a bottle, just about ripped fruit, water, dish liquid and plastic wrap. Pour over torn off in the bottle. The fruit flies are attracted to the tearing of the fruit. Mix a few drops of liquid dish with water and poured into the bottle. After which it is covered with plastic and tie it with an elastic band. Make small holes in it to allow fruit flies enter the bottle. Once the fruit flies enter they will be trapped inside the bottle. They will not be able to move out of the jar.

5.) dish washing liquid and apple cider vinegar To catch fruit flies

This sounds similar to the remedy the other points have already been mentioned. But how to apply this home remedy is different. For this a dish washing liquid, vinegar, apple cider, a mason jar and rotten fruit is needed. In this technique, you need to heat the apple cider vinegar at first. In reality, this will help spread the scent through the kitchen. As already it mentioned that fruit flies can not resist the smell of vinegar. Therefore, this will help disturb the fruit flies. The rest of the work is to pour the vinegar hot apple cider in the mason jar. Then mixed with the washing liquid dish. After that, the fruit rotted maintain it. The fruit flies are achieved attracted to the fruit. But in real they will get stuck in the jar. This is an easy home remedy for get rid of fruit flies naturally .

6.) Lemongrass Oil to catch the flies fruit

This is a unique technique to catch fruit flies. But this is an indirect way of pushing fruit flies. Lemongrass will both work together. One that keeps its cool room with its fresh fragrance. Second, it will not let fruit flies enter the house, keeping at bay. Take a spray bottle and add 10 drops of lemon grass oil in it. Add water to be a solution. Whereupon I spray all the doors and windows of the house. This will not let fruit flies entering your home

Additional advice :.

The soap or detergent Water is effective to kill fruit flies instantly. Therefore, try to add this component into all the traps he has done for the fruit fly to catch them. In addition, another important fact to consider is the sources of fruit flies. This means that the origin, where they are playing. Above all, it is known that the source of fruit flies are the drains. Therefore, try sprinkling lemon grass on these places. Thing you can even catch the detergent water to keep it clean. Thus, it will help prevent fruit flies to breed more in those places.

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