10 herbal remedies for herpes

10 herbal remedies for herpes ;


The human beings are blessed with the right level of immunity that helps the body to stay away from foreign agents that cause infections. Poor immunity type in the body leads to the generation of various kinds of infections and other health problems. Herpes is a type of infection that is caused by the virus known as simplex virus. Herpes condition is very pathetic because it leads to itching and pain situation. This type of skin problem can affect both men and women. It is a highly contagious type of skin infection that can spread by touching others. People who suffer from this problem should use herbal remedies to care for him. Herbal remedies are the perfect solution to this problem, because the results are guaranteed and there are no side effects.

List 10 remedies herbal for herpes


Echinacea is a type of medicinal plant it can be used to eliminate herpes body. It has a good amount of available antiviral properties for his fight with the virus and offer better types of results. The use of this herb will boost the immune system and therefore will not allow the infection to hold in the body. Flowers, roots and leaves can be used to cure herpes.

Echinacea oil

oil tea tree

tea tree is a medicinal herb that can deal with a problem of herpes. Tea tree oil is extracted in a natural way and this oil help the skin infection. Take some tea tree oil and pour some of this oil directly on the herpes affecting part of the skin to provide relief. This will help eliminate the viral infection in a few days.

Tea Tree Oil

The roots of licorice

roots licorice are also useful in combating the virus that causes herpes. Infection that occurs due to herpes virus is mainly due to. The roots of licorice reduce infections and provide relief from pain and itching property. Juicing licorice root and use it to address the problem of viruses.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a perfect type of herb that can help cure herpes problem. The gel is present in the aloe vera is useful and can help reduce the effect of viral infection. Apply some of this gel on the affected parts of the skin and let it dry. This will help eliminate itching sensation and heal properly.

Aloe Vera


Oregano is used to extract the oil and that can be applied on the affected skin area herpes. Oregano oil contains antiviral properties that help recover from the problem of herpes. Just apply pure oregano oil in herpes and allow the oil to dry on the skin. Continuous application of this oil will help eliminate virus infections of the skin.



lemon balm also it is very effective to care for viral infections. Flavonoids present in lemon balm help cure the problem. Also other ingredients such as rosmarinic acid and phenolic acid. Lemon balm leaves are useful and can use the juice extracted from the leaves. Will cure herpes problem and remove all types of infections on the skin formed.

Lemon Balm


chamomile flowers are good kind of flowers herbal that can help solve the problem of herpes. These flowers are loaded with good antiviral properties and can help reduce the effect of herpes. All types of symptoms related also cured by the use of chamomile flowers. Boil some of these flowers in water and wash the affected area with this solution.



The goldenseal is used to treat herpes and infection by the virus that has infected skin. Take your version goldenseal powder and make paste it. Apply this paste on the affected herpes and let it dry for a while skin. You can use the other version of this herb as a tincture and pills.



Oil olive provide moisturizing effect to the skin. Antioxidants present in olive oil help eliminate viral infections. Take a little olive oil and then heat it slightly. Apply the same oil to the infected part of the herpes to get relief from itchy feeling skin. The growth of the infection also is delayed.

Olive Oil


berry elderberry is a herbal method to take care of the problem of herpes. The antioxidants that are present in elderberry help eliminate the infection causing agents skin. The antiviral properties present in elderberry will cure the problem and make free skin herpes.


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