Health benefits of beets

Health benefits of beets ;

Beets, also known as beets, are one of the types that belong to the family Chenopodiaceous. It is believed to be first cultivated in the Mediterranean region 4,000 years ago, after Babylon is introduced. It was not until 9 ap century, beets were transported to China and spread throughout the country. Beets are used for many purposes, including cooking and medicine.

In culinary, beets are commonly used in salads and other side dishes. For health purposes, beets are trusted to treat digestive problems, anemia and improve eyes, home and bone health. Moreover, it is also capable of preventing various diseases and conditions such as stroke and cancers.

To possess such impressive health benefits, people think beet should be a comprehensive source of valuable nutrients. In fact, Beets contain vitamins such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, etc. and minerals such as potassium, iron, copper and so on. In addition, there are variety of other nutrients in the beet as anthocyanins, betaine, and dietary fiber.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 health benefits of beet.

1. Heart Health

Health Health - Health Benefits of Beets

Thanks to the rich content of fiber, beets are able to balance the levels cholesterol within the body by reducing the amount of triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL), while increasing the amount of good cholesterol (HDL). Specifically, this substance is actively working to remove excess cholesterol from the artery walls and then remove them from the body. This also means beets are helping to prevent the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke or atherosclerosis, etc.

2. Birth defects

Birth Defects - Health Benefits of Beets

Birth defects seems to be the worst nightmare for all pregnant women, who have many different causes and one of the most common is vitamin deficiency. The only way new mother can prevent this terrible disease is taking the most nutritious and one of them is the beet. This is due to the fact that beets contain a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin B and folic acid. By consuming beet regularly during pregnancy, mothers can ensure a healthy future for their unborn babies.

3. Cancer Prevention

Beetroots prevent cancer - Health Benefits of Beets

Several experts, doctors and health specialists have beet as a natural ingredient used and trusted to effectively prevent certain cancers such as skin, colon, lung or recommended breast cancer. The explanation for this is the nutrient profile Beets’ including betacyaninis pigment, which is capable of neutralizing the cancer cells and inhibits tumor development.

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4. Respiratory problems

Asthma - Health Benefits of Beets

Another health benefit of beet to be taken into consideration is the ability to prevent against respiratory problems. In detail, the beet has been long used as an ingredient in home remedies for asthma. It also contributes to reducing the likelihood of getting lung cancer. The key factor of this mechanism is the huge amount of vitamin C, an active antioxidant. Vitamin C is found in beet it has a lot of functions, such as improving immunity, neutralization of free radicals and increase white blood cells.

5. Eye Health

Eye Care - Health Benefits of Beets

Thanks to the beta-carotene, beets are very good at improving eye health and prevention of related, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, eye strain, eye irritation and so on diseases. In addition, beta-carotene, also known as a form of vitamin A, is a valuable substance that is essential for many other organs that work inside the body.

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6. Sexual Health

Sexual Health - Health Benefits of Beets

By accelerating the production of sex hormones, beets are commonly used to be a aphrodisiac or sexual reinforcement. Basically, the large boron mineral content in beets successfully enhance your libido, increase the chances of fertility, sperm motility and reduce other sexual problems.

7. Stroke

Strokes - Health Benefits of Beets

The potassium supplement from beets means a lot to reducing the likelihood of getting a stroke. Potassium is well known as a vasodilator used to relieve tension in the blood vessels, as well as entire body. As a result, having more potassium, blood clots and plaque can not accumulate in the arteries or blood vessels, which leads to a significant reduction in the risk of stroke.

8. Energy

Energy - Health Benefits of Beets

Aside from all the benefits of prevention or treatment of diseases, also are preferred for beet the ample supply of carbohydrates. This source is where the body can get fuel for physical activities that require a lot of energy and stamina. Specifically, the carbohydrates in beet are to increase energy metabolism in the body, so the organ systems work more efficient and appropriate manner.

Furthermore, the nitrate content of beet simultaneously contributes to the absorption of oxygen, increasing the resistance to physical performance.

9. The cognitive function

Brain Function - Health Benefits of Beets

With a good amount of nitrates become nitrites later, beets are used to improve brain function in cleaning blood vessels, increasing blood and oxygen to the brain. In addition, antioxidants in beets are also important, as it helps prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

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10. Detoxification

Beets used for detoxification - Health Benefits of Beets

According to various studies and research, detoxification is essential for the body as it helps eliminate waste, heavy metals and toxins from the body. By detoxify at least twice a year, the organ systems work more properly. One of the simplest and most effective used ingredients to cleanse the body, especially the liver is beet. It is methionine and glycine betaine in beets that aid this process. Thanks to the use of beet, the liver is safe from various diseases

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