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Hairspray … to spray or not to spray?

I love to look good. Who does not? all lovers leave the salon or hairdresser cut our hair perfectly fresh us, our hair styled the way we like it. Do you know the dangers hidden in hairspray that seemingly harmless can

Warmer weather is upon us … Let’s talk sunscreen!

After a long winter, seemingly endless, the warmer weather is finally upon us on the east coast. I took my daughters to the park for a few hours and I came to realize that it is better to remember to start

Flip-flops … just say no !!!

For many, flip flops are an essential warm weather. Did you know that flip-flops can be seriously detrimental to feet? Flip-flops are fine if you are going to slide over them for a quick trip to the store, but should not

Become the ultimate spring jogger

By: Larysa DiDio, Guest Blogger for Aetrex Temperatures are heating up just time for cabin fever and spring fever to combine! Studies show that outdoor exercise not only burns more calories but also increases your mood like crazy. Running is one

Spring cleaning … Do it yourself!

This is the season for SPRING CLEANING! I love giving my house a new start for the season. Ventilate the curtains, open the windows and breathe the fresh air of spring. It’s all so refreshing! However, there are some seriously toxic

How to eat gluten

Gluten is found in wheat (durum wheat, spelled, einkorn, farina, farro, kamut wheat protein Khorasan and spelled), rye, barley and triticale. Gluten foods help keep their shape, acting as a glue that holds the food together. Gluten has gotten a bad

Vegan sources … Large proteins used for Meatless Monday!

People often ask me if I keep eating a particular style: Paleo, Vegetarian, etc. Personally, I do not subscribe to a theory of specific nutrition. I listen to my body and telling me what you need. When you like something and

How to Eat Organic on a Budget – Tips

As a certified health coach, giving my family the healthiest start possible is something that It captivates me. To me, that means eating organic is a priority. Simply, I can not bear the thought of having my family consume pesticides and

Give your body a boost during the cold season and flu

As the leaves begin to change colors and people in all parts break out your sweaters – there’s only one thing more imminent attack pumpkin flavored everything … cold and flu season. Yes, I said. You know it’s on its way.

How to eat for better skin – skin superfoods

Of course, genetics and lifestyle play an important role in the health of your skin. However, eating properly can also help keep your skin from the inside out. Here are some “skin super foods” you should try to add to your

Lift your feet for better health

Did you know that putting your feet actually has health benefits beyond just feeling relaxed ? I’m not talking just resting your feet on the ottoman when you watch TV, though. I’m talking about raising the feet above the head, or