She has more than 80 years and has no gray hair! The secret is this drink

With the entry of the days of wonderful sunshine is impeccable time to get out of the living. Among the courses most ideal for this treatment is high among the most intensive method of detoxification wheat grass and young wheat
wheatgrass works like clean vitality powered sun, and 7.5 grams has the same esteem nutritious and 175 grams of carrots, lettuce or celery. Their ability to cleanliness was known at the time of the pharaohs.


Today, when we face day by day anxiety, polluted environment, radiation and unfortunate insecure livelihoods, detoxifying activity is more imperative than any other time in recent history. . On the off chance that you feel exhausted and hard and if you are always diversion, cleaning with wheatgrass can help you regain your vitality and improve their welfare

Signs you need detoxification:



skin problems

bad breath and body odor


Bloating and gas

the cultivation or excessive weight loss


fatigue, poor concentration, poor memory


premature aging

wheatgrass Welfare

wheatgrass contains more than 100 components expected for man, among which unsaturated fats fundamental , critics and agents for cancer prevention compounds.

A prominent among the most vital components is chlorophyll, which represents about 70 percent of the piece of wheat grass. Chlorophyll is essential to launch poisons and overwhelming metals from the body. Here are the vitamins A, B, B17, C, E, F and K, and minerals potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium.
Wheatgrass the number of red platelets, scrub the blood and various organs and empowers digestion system accumulates. Due to the high chlorophyll as the blood with oxygen progresses. Success cleanses the liver and kill poisons. thyroid organ is strengthened and the bitterness of the body decreases.
customary use again wheatgrass juice offers many attractions and one of them is that you can reverse the development of silver hair and restore silver hair to their common shading!

drink juice juvenile green oats initially advanced by Dr. Ann Wigmore. She inspected in detail the properties of grip patch wheatgrass and created and performed in detail the procedure for drawing up wheatgrass in shallow bays at home or anywhere. She made a juicer shabby for the young wheat and mix made accessible to everyone life.

At 82 years, Dr. Wigmore had no dark fiber in your hair! It was amazing to the point that the alternate application that will enable them to analyze their hair in the research center. The test showed that it was his regular natural hair !!!
The wheat grass juice is also a chemical blood and assistants revival and recovery of our fabulous skin.

Because of the vastness of chlorophyll and amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and wheatgrass offers a wide variety of medical benefits and advantages of restoration.

Start with a rate of 30 ml of juice for every day, you can gradually auction 30 ml twice daily

This is the means by which to develop the grass wheat: ..

– Soak wheat seeds 8-12 hours

– seeds in a glass container and through the next 24 hours, wash them three times

-. When you start to develop germination, plant seeds on top of the plant. The ratio may be a section of the crowd of three sections of the plant

-. Pour the wheat seed and spread the pot in the middle of the first three days, it does not dry. Amid the wheat currently well in the morning and at night with water splash

– The fourth day is a pot and put some seeds in light backhand

-. The ideal for developing wheat temperature and maintaining a strategic distance mold is 21 degrees to 26 degrees. On the off chance that you see mold, raised new wheatgrass

– Wheat grass can be cut when about 20 centimeters develops. Two days before cutting the transport in the sun to show the combination of chlorophyll

– .. For another visit, use the new seeds and area

– juice wheatgrass there may be. juicer pressed or crushed in a blender with water by adding

Shake wheatgrass

Blend in blender accompanying fixings:

– 30 ml wheatgrass juice

– hacked tablespoon mint

– cup of pineapple

– glass of orange juice

– half cup of juice lemon

– teaspoon of honey


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