Why live near the ocean is beneficial to your health

Why Living Near the Ocean is Beneficial to Your Health
beach front property is one of the most expensive in the country; if you’re lucky, you might find somewhere off the remote beach somewhere in the world that has not been developed, but usually have to pay a high price for a sea view. However, apart from the way of life that life offers beachside, in fact there are several health benefits to secure a place in the ocean.

Tradition Recovery on the beach

Go to the beach for a holiday has been a traditional holiday for centuries; many inhabitants of the British and European city historically escaped the summer heat flock to the coast. However, the ocean has also been a traditional place that people have gone to heal – both physically and emotionally. So what therapeutic benefits of the ocean does not really?

The psychological benefits of ocean water

Every time I’m in the ocean I feel instantly calmed by the sound of the waves. In fact, research has shown that wave patterns in the brain are altered by the sound of the waves and induce a mood quiet ( source ). This could also be the reason why many people choose to listen to a CD calming ocean waves just before going to bed. A study conducted in people living in nursing homes showed that people who listened to a relaxation CD, such as ocean waves showed a greater reduction in blood pressure than those who listened to a CD of music by Mozart ( source ).

The combination of sun and ocean

The skin exposure to sunlight allows your skin will benefit from a necessary source of vitamin D. Although you have to have beware of excessive sun exposure, a certain amount is needed by your body; this is why the lack of sunlight in the winter months causes problems dark. Your body needs vitamin D to fight diseases such as cancer, depression and heart disease. Exposure to sunlight also helps improve conditions such as psoriasis (source ). The combination of sun and salt water can greatly improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis; salt and potassium chloride are believed to be the main components in seawater for healing skin diseases ( source ).

negative air ions in Ocean

Taking a few deep breaths of the ocean can actually improve your health as well; scientists have discovered that the ocean air has more negative ions, for example, city air. Negative ions are produced by the combination of ocean water and air; Negative ions have a positive effect on mood and have some benefits for physical health as well (source). However, some are still skeptical about whether this theory is true or not.

the healing benefits of ocean water

For centuries, people have used therapies and potions derived from the sea in an effort to live a life long and healthy healing. Seawater contains many beneficial components including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ( origin ). The components found in sea water and sea salt can help:

  • calm the mind
  • heal wounds
  • , reduce pain
  • improve skin condition
  • eliminate toxins.

ocean of life and health

Life in the ocean could improve both their physical and psychological health, and inspire your creative side! Although science has yet to prove some of the reasons why being next to the sea is beneficial to your health, people continue to be drawn from the ocean for a reason. Even if you can not afford to go to the beach full time, a week long holiday by the ocean could only calm the mind, improve your physical health and inspire your life once again!

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