Why do you have to put onions in his socks before bed?

Many of you have probably heard by now that the soles of the feet contains powerful and direct access points to the internal organs in your body. Chinese medicine called meridians and represent pathways to every organ in your body.

Although some people are skeptical about these beliefs, those who understand Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is closely related to the nervous system.

There are a number of different nerve endings located at the feet (approximately 7,000 meridians) that can be connected directly to different organs. They act as powerful electrical circuits in the body.

However, they are often dormant because we put on shoes and do not use acupuncture in order to encourage the meridians or nerves. Because of this, walking barefoot is highly recommended, in order to stimulate the meridians on the soles of the feet and earthing to the field of negative ions in the ground.

Therefore, the feet are probably the most favorable place for action.

Garlic and onions are known air purifiers and kill germs and bacteria when applied to the skin topically. Furthermore, phosphoric acid, the substance that the onion does mourn when he opened it, is extremely important, as it enters the bloodstream and helps to purify the blood.

In England, during the plagues, people chop the onions and leave them in the room to purify the air and improve your immune system in order to be protected from infections, flu and other health problems .

Now, we present to you a way to use onions in order to purify the blood and kill germs and bacteria. Note that you must use organic onions because they are free of pesticides and other chemicals that do not want to be in direct contact with the body and enter the bloodstream through the night. This method is very quick and easy:

You need to cut onions into flat slices so that they can be applied to the bottom of your whole foot (as a platform). Then, a piece of onion is placed on each sock and go to sleep! This is all!

At night, the natural healing power of the onion will work through the skin (transdermal application) purifying the blood, kill bacteria and germs as well as the absorption of toxins! It will also help to purify the air in your room.

These are the benefits of the habit of putting a slice of onion on the sock before going to sleep:

absorbs toxins and chemicals

While you sleep, this onion layer around the feet absorb toxins and chemicals.

purifies the blood

Phosphoric acid onion purifies the blood, when absorbed through the skin.

kills bacteria, germs and pathogens

Onions and garlic can kill bacteria, germs and pathogens, as both have anti-bacterial and anti benefits -virales strong.

In some cases, onion juice can be a great remedy for cracked heals, simply give onion juice on the heels massage, as it has some healing properties and is known to benefit heels .

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