Warning! The toxic Chinese Loaded with plastic rice is flooding the shelves of grocery stores

Mass production of plastic rice focuses on China and leads to serious health problems. That is, all of this came as a result of the Wuchang rice is very popular because it has a unique flavor and pleasant smell. In addition, also twice as expensive than the normal type of rice.

Therefore, the need for this Wuchang rice was growing rapidly, companies began to use the opportunity and produce false rice for the same price.


Apparently, the production of this fake rice lasts for more than four years, and recreated by mixing sweet potatoes, potatoes and a little dangerous toxic plastic .

mixed therefore this fake rice is the same size and shape of the original rice, but after being cooked, it becomes difficult because the plastic contains and is extremely dangerous to health.

Moreover, it has been discovered by an undercover reporter enterprises in China actually small amounts of true rice Wuchang plastic rice are combined, and sprayed with a fragrance in order to mimic the type original and, ultimately, the same package.

People believe that 800,000 tons of rice are produced annually actual Wuchang, while a devastating number of 10 million tons sold. This shows that more than 9 million tons of sold “Wuchang rice” is actually false.

The Korea Times claims that dealers claim that the sale of fake rice brings great benefits, especially in the large quantities needed in the market.

Namely, these companies have managed to sell this fake rice for more than four years without being arrested, until they began to distribute it outside of China, in countries such as Singapore, Vietnam and India.

There is no research conducted by the National Food Authority of the Republic of the Philippines, to consider the reports of rice plastic, and a device spectroscopy to discover if the rice is false be used or do not. They have also issued a warning.

In order to illustrate how dangerous it is, we can say that drinking three cups of this false “rice Wuchang” is equal to eating a bag of whole plastic, leading to numerous severe digestive problems, especially if they are eaten frequently.

Regarding the fact that most Chinese eat more than half a pound of rice on a daily basis, this becomes a serious business risk.

According to research, this rice leads to serious health risks linked to bisphenol A and a class of chemicals known as phthalates, often found in plastics. Bisphenol A is able to prevent the functions of hormones, especially estrogen. In has been associated with negative outcomes in reproductive development in some animal studies.

Moreover, phthalates are “plasticizers” found in many different products, and have been banned in the EU since 2005. They cause hormone disruption, and especially affect testosterone.

Undoubtedly, we all have a significant amount of phthalates and bisphenol A in the system as a result of all food in plastic containers we consume. However, consumption of this fake rice quantities of these dangerous chemicals are triggered in our body.

There have been reports of this fake rice in the United Stated so far, but it is a fact that has been exported and used outside China. Therefore, it is still unclear whether countries are investigating the sources of food before importation.

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