Top 10 health benefits of lemon water

Many health experts recommend regular consumption of lemon water in the morning for its many health benefits.

This is mainly because water not only keeps our dehydrated body but also removes toxins from the body.

Furthermore, lemon has plenty of nutrients, including iron, potassium, calcium, pectin fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins A, C and B complex

The potent antibacterial, antiviral and immune-boosting qualities of lemon to keep us healthy.

To enjoy the benefits of lemon, take a lemon and squeeze the juice into a glass of warm water. Consider adding honey to improve taste, if you like.

Take this drink in the morning before breakfast. You can have your breakfast, half an hour later.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Here are 10 benefits of lemon water:

1. Improves digestion

lemon contains components that stimulate the production of bile in the liver. Bile is necessary for healthy digestion. Moreover, the daily consumption of lemon water relieves symptoms of indigestion, including heartburn, belching and bloating. Since promotes smooth bowel function, lemon water prevents constipation and diarrhea.

2. Weight Loss aids

High amounts of lemon pectin fiber make you feel full for a longer period, and therefore reduce your cravings . As such, you will eat less and promote weight loss process.

3. Clears the skin

With high amounts of antioxidants in the lemon, like vitamin C, lemon water fight free radicals and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

The combination of honey and water provides restorative, anti-bacterial, and reinforcing effects collagen that contribute to the health of your skin.

4. Supports immune system

High amounts of vitamin C in the lemon water lemon makes excellent to increase your immunity. It also helps the body fight the flu and colds

5. Used to treat bad breath

The combination of water and honey, along with the acidic nature of lemon, is an effective weapon against bad breath. In addition to cleaning your mouth, but also stimulates the production of saliva which neutralizes bacteria that cause odor.

6. balances pH levels

lemon contains citric and ascorbic acids, which help keep the pH balance. This is important because too much can lead to inflammation.

7.Boosts Energy

lemon contains nutrients the body, such as phosphorus, proteins, carbohydrates, and B and C. oxygenates vitamins and moisturizes the body, making you feel refreshed, revitalized and full of energy.

8. Cures Throat Infections

With its antibacterial effects, lemon plays an integral role in the fight against throat infections, tonsillitis, and sore throat. Drinking lemon water also helps in case of asthma and other respiratory complications.

9. controls high blood pressure

Being loaded with potassium, lemon water will minimize stress, improve mental function and make you sleep better, thereby controlling blood pressure. lemon water also clean the lymphatic system and keep it hydrated.

10. Clean the urinary tract

lemon water serves as a diuretic. As such, urine output will stimulate and cleanse the urinary tract. Also it can alter the pH level of the urinary tract, and thus inhibits proliferation of bad bacteria.

Now that you’ve seen how important this simple drink to your health, you should immediately make it part of your daily diet.

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