To restore the hormone levels in your body to lose stubborn pounds

Hormones. There are little things in your body that play a very important role in your weight, height, texture and the amount of hair you have, the size of your chest, your skin type and even your mood.

While hormones may be small, have an impact on their health and wellness. If they are tight enough in the wrong direction, it may become irritable, tired and feeling that it has weight.


Fortunately, there is a way that can restore your hormones and get your body and mind back on track. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

  • Sleeping in cold temperatures. When you sleep, your body temperature rises naturally and when you feel warm while you sleep, you are more inclined to pull, turn, wake up and throw covers himself. When disturbs your sleep, so are your hormones. In fact, sleep disorders can cause the body to produce less leptin, the hormone that is responsible for controlling appetite and weight gain. In order to avoid a big change in your hormone levels, try adjusting the thermostat a bit before going to bed. He slept in cooler conditions will help your body feel cooler, which means it will have a more restful sleep.
  • No crash diet. Although the appeal of an accident may be tempting, avoid it. A sudden reduction in caloric intake can cause your thyroid hormone levels falling and slow down your metabolism. You can still lose weight, however; Only eight well-balanced diet all the time.
  • skip caffeine. Try nixing your caffeine habit. Caffeine can increase the production of cortisol, a hormone that produces stress. Therefore, the more caffeine you consume, the more stressed and irritable will be.
  • Avoid those cravings SPM When that time comes the month, it’s normal to want things like chocolate .; However, try to avoid it. Instead, satisfy your craving for sweets with a sweet fruit, which will bring your magnesium levels back up -. Something that runs when you’re PMSing
  • Add training. intensify your workout and you speed up your metabolism and increase production of endorphins, those feel good hormones that boost your mood and your immune system. Try to listen to music to motivate push harder and increasing your serotonin levels are also achieved.

By following these simple tips, you can reset your hormones and change the way your body reacts to certain situations, including how to eat, how to sleep, how to manage stress and more!


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