This woman drank carrot juice daily for 8 months. This is what happened to her

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Ann Cameron, born in 1943, is an author of children’s books. Unfortunately, in 2012, Ann was diagnosed with third stage colon cancer. She decided to do surgery, but steadfastly refused to receive chemotherapy.

His problem became a terrible way, and in November 2012 I developed cancer stage 4, and reached his lungs. The doctors were not optimistic none at all, and the writer was told that you probably have more than 3 years. Ann said “no” to chemotherapy again. Wondering why? Her husband was through such therapy before he died, and Ann decided she does not want to spend his last months or years in such terrible condition.

This Woman Drank Carrot Juice Every Day For 8 Months. This Is What Happened To Her

Ann knew the story of Ralph Cole, a man who managed to fight skin cancer and fresh carrots were the only cure. Ralph juiced 2.5 pounds of carrots every day. I had nothing to lose and was eager to try this alternative.

After 14 days, Ann made a positron emission tomography examination showed that his condition remained more or less the same.

After 8 weeks, the CT scan showed that his cancer had stopped growing and spreading. His lymph glands had stopped swelling. Within 4 months colon cancer Ann continued to decline, and after 8 months was happy to hear that her cancer was gone.

So what makes carrots so powerful? Studies have shown that carrots contain anti-cancer carotenoids. Experts believe that these can reduce or even stop the development of cancer.

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