Thippili uses and health benefits – long pepper – Benefits Pippali powder

Thippili uses and health benefits – long pepper – Benefits Pippali powder ;

Thippili uses and health benefits – Long Pepper – Benefits Pippali Powder:

long pepper, sometimes called Indian pride as long pepper, is a flowering plant, fruit that is used for its medicinal properties. Long pepper is commonly known as Arisi Thippili or Thippili in Tamil, Hindi Pippali in and has the scientific name, Piper longum.

Thippili or plant Pippali is related to the family of white pepper and black commonly used, Piper nigrum. The plant is used for fruit that resembles chilli because of its red color and form.

Thippili or Pippali usually dried before use and becomes black. Pippali Thippili evidence or used in later centuries Ayurveda is available in the scriptures. The herb was brought to Greece by Hippocrates in the 5th ap century BC and gradually spread to other countries. Although little is available in Western countries, it is readily available Southeast Asia, especially India. Thippili Pippali or plant is a climber and its leaves resemble the leaves Beetal. The word pepper is derived from the Sanskrit name Pippali.

Thippili or Pippali has several health benefits, which are used to cure disease and boosts immunity. Pippali means “drink and digest” and used as a spice in Indian cuisine. It is known for its various capabilities such as curing cough, digestive problems, cold, eliminate toxins, digestive problems and many more.

How to eat Thippili O Pippali?

The powder form can be taken when mixed with honey or milk. Thippili dust or Pippali dust is sufficient for adults and a pinch is enough for children.

Thippili Rasam Rasam or Pippali is another easy way to thippili consumer. For membership of 4 people, 2 tablespoons thippili roast and ground. Add to rasam along with other spices. Boil and rasam rasam thippili or pippali is ready. Thippili rasam also has several health benefits. We call it Kandanthippili rasam in Tamil Nadu .

Thippili Rasayanam , also called Pippali Rasayanam is a sidda medicine. Mostly Rasayanam thippili is prepared with few ingredients. rasayam Pippali has Pippali as the main ingredient. It can be mixed with hot water and taken. But we must see the label for accurate and dosage instructions.

Rasayanam Thippili is considered as a medicine for coughs, bronchitis, tuberclosis, asthma, phelegmatic, cough. But it must be prescribed by a qualified physician .

Chemical composition of Thippili or Pippali:











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Thippili uses | Benefits Pippali | health benefits long pepper:

Thippili or Pippali for cold and cough:

Indian long pepper has the property of rejuvenation and removes cold airway. Taking a quarter of a spoon Thippili Pippali powder or powder mixed with honey for 3 consecutive days shows immediate results. It can also be used in cooking and Thippili rasam is a famous South Indian dish for curing cold and cough.

Thippili or Pippali weight loss and obesity

long pepper india is an effective herb for the treatment of obesity and weightloss. It has the ability to eliminate fat and toxins from the body thus promoting weight loss. Obesity brings other diseases such as heart and liver. While Indian long pepper help, it is also essential that you exercise and eat healthily.

Thippili or Pippali for lung problems:

Pippaloi Thippili or cure lung problems. The herb is known by its property to reduce inflammation. It is, therefore, useful in the treatment of lung problems. It reduces inflammation, prevents liver damage and rejuvenates scared dead and dying cells. It helps cure bronchitis and asthma.

Thippili or Pippali for digestion:

Thippili or Pippali improves digestion. long pepper improves appetite and stimulates the digestive system. It helps cure indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the herb helps maintain a healthy digestive system.

Thippili or Pippali for insomnia:

Thippili or Pippali with antioxidant properties help to relieve stress. It is, therefore, cure sleep problems and insomnia. It is advisable to take 1 gram of the powder mixture of long pepper milk before going to bed.

Thippili or Pippali Mouth:

Thippili helps to treat fever. The antibacterial, antiseptic and antibiotic properties Thippili or Pippali helps to treat fever. toxins and bacteria from the body is removed. Make a decoction of Pippali dust and take it twice a day.

Thippili or Pippali for arthritis:

Pippali or Thippili helps get relief from arthritis. One study has shown that people who suffer from arthritis relief experienced pain and swelling along with the reduced stiffness when they took Thippili. Ownership of ants in the Pippali inflammation provides relief from arthritis.

Thippili or Pippali Diabetes:

Thippili or Pippali helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood and therefore good for people with diabetes. insulin production is increased and therefore proves useful for people with diabetes. Regular consumption of Pippali or Thippili is recommended for diabetics.

Thippili or Pippali for toothache:

Thippili helps get relief from toothache. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic property of Indian long pepper helps revive toothache. Thippali paste, also called pippali paste, salt and water should be rubbed on the gums it provides immediate pain relief.

Names Thippili or Pippali in different Indian languages ​​

English – long pepper or long pepper Indian
Tamil – Thippili, Arisi Thippili, Kandanthippilli
Hindi – Pipara, Pipli or Pippali
Telugu – Pippalu, Pippali
Punjabi – Pippali, Maagha
Gujarati – Pipara, Gantoda, Ganthoda
Kannada – Modikaddi, Tippali, Hippali
Malayalam -. Kattuthippili, Tippali
Bengali – Pipool


Like any other herbal medicine, thippili should be consumed with caution. An overdose could cause adverse side effects. For dosing and other instructions, consult a qualified physician for proper instructions. Thippili rasam rasam or pippali is quite common in Tamil Nadu and has no side effects when taken in limited quantitiy. However, pregnant women, diabetics and people with other illnesses should consult a doctor before taking any kind of herbal medicine in the long run.

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