The world’s fattest boy who weighs 192 kilos at the age of 10

Arya Permana is a 10-year-old in Indonesia being called more obese guy in the world with weight of 192 kg. Reportedly, the child has been put on a crash diet because of their obesity has begun to affect your life.

Arya, from the village of Cipurwasari in Indonesia Arawang Regency, began to gain weight quickly at age two when his parents realized that it was much larger than his older brothers had been his age.

Initially, they were happy about her fuller figure and what a healthy child considered, but as the years passed and his appetite and weight out of control, they realized that something I was wrong with the child and who need medical care. They took Arya to several doctors, but none of them found their abnormal weight and parents to take him to a larger hospital if they thought they needed help they said.

“asked us to take him to best hospitals if we think you need medical attention.’ve Spent money beyond my ability in their treatment, but I am a poor farmer and end of the month is a great task for me, “the boy’s father, Ade said. “I am exhausted and now I can not afford the expensive hospitals. But I hope to see my perfectly normal child one day.”

Arya Permana is perpetually hungry and goes through five meals a day of great size. consisting of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and tempeh – traditional soy burger. His mother Rokayah Somantri says one of your meals is more than enough to feed the fully developed adults. “He just eats and sleeps and when not done with both jumping into the bathtub and stays there for hours,” she said.

At 192 kilograms, Arya can not walk unaided, play with children their age or attend school. His parents also have trouble finding clothes that fit, so most of the time it only takes a sarong wrapped around her waist. The child also has respiratory problems and sleeps with her head leaned against a wall to help breathe better, which has left him with bruised face permanently.

The boy’s father, Ade Somantri, earns about $ 135 a month, which is not always enough to buy all the Arya food you like, so you sometimes have to borrow money just so you can eat. They have done it for love, so far, but now they realize the weight of your child is putting their health at risk, who are determined to help you lose weight the only way they know -. Denying food

“No mother wants to stop feeding their children, but I’m pitiful and helpless. I started to put it in the diet of brown rice”, Rokayah said. “I’m not sure if this helps, but this is the only thing I can do to stop me from getting bigger.”


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