The food in the microwave plastic related to diabetes

There are two things that have made food storage and reheat very practical: The plastic container and microwave. However, despite the interest of both of these inventions are, the two of them really should not be mixed together, according to a new study.

This study, which was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that there is a definite relation to specific health problems when cooking in containers microwave plastic, such as diabetes and hypertension.


The researchers who conducted the study examined how two common compounds found in plastics can have serious and dangerous to human health side effects.

What is the danger?

The problem here is that the plastic containers containing toxic chemicals. Although chemicals do leach into food, even when the plastic seeping into very small, almost negligible amounts heated.

However, when the plastic is heated, toxicity in the plastic is activated and spreads in food, according to Dr. Leonardo Transande, a professor at New York University Langone, who led the study. The result of increased contamination of food with chemicals found in the plastic have been found to cause diabetes and hypertension.

Reduced risk of contamination

So how can you reduce the risk of being contaminated by chemicals when the microwave plastic food? Well, the solution is quite simple: Do not send food in plastic containers. Also, do not place plastic wrap over your food before the microwave.

In addition, you can reduce your chances of being contaminated by these dangerous chemicals not put your clothes plastic in the dishwasher. Excessively hot water you use a dishwasher to clean the plastic can also be carried out toxicity levels in the plastic. Instead, hand wash your clothes in plastic in the sink with warm water – not hot -. Water

Another way that you can avoid being damaged by toxic chemicals found in these plastics is to avoid drinking from bottles that are made of plastic marked with the number 3, 6 or 7.

these figures indicate that compounds in these plastic bottles are questionable in their composition and consumption out of them could lead to diabetes pollution and finally, and hypertension.

Why use these products?

You probably are wondering how and why these chemicals in products that humans use so often used. Well, the truth is that the federal law does not require evidence of these chemicals, even when used in large populations. In fact, the authors of these chemicals are told that “innocent until proven guilty.” Sort of makes you wonder about the safety of other things that you may be using on a regular basis, is not it?

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