The acidity and healing

The acidity and healing ;

Because of work pressure and hectic schedules of life, we tend to overlook propping health problems in our lives. Very often, our eating habits are affected by this irregular food intake, which takes its toll on our health. Acidity is one such ailment due to irregular and inappropriate eating habits that cause discomfort that can affect the health of a person. The food consumed by us is digested due to acid produced naturally it helps in the digestion process. When the called acid produced naturally tends to increase in the stomach, due to some glands in the stomach, the person suffers from heartburn. Some of heartburn symptoms are heartburn, chest pain or irritation in the esophagus. People who suffer from heartburn, have to change their eating habits ensuring regular and timely eating habits are maintained.

You could start by eating raw food that is rich in enzymes which improve health is destroyed when cooked. In order to preserve their nutrients and enzymes that consume raw food it is better and benefit from them. Intake of vitamin D helps in increasing antimicrobial peptides that are useful in curing the infection in the throat and digestive system. Vitamin D is naturally available with exposure to sun and fish oil, cod liver, mushrooms and eggs, banana is also useful for patients of acidity, which is high in potassium and safe remedy for minor ulcers level of acidity and stomach. Col is also known to soothe the stomach lining and mucous membranes when they are irritated. Fresh cabbage juice can be used to treat ulcers stimulated blood flow in the stomach and strengthens it. This information could be helpful to people and save them from costly treatments that can have their own time and of course for the desired results.

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