The 5 best natural sugar substitutes | Natural sweeteners | Natural Alternatives sugar

The 5 best natural sugar substitutes | Natural sweeteners | Natural Alternatives sugar ; Top 5 Natural sugar substitutes | Natural sweeteners | Natural Alternatives to protect your health sugar – Everyone knows that regulate white refined sugar is harmful to health. Yet people are not able to lower the sugar from your diet until they get diabetes. Instead of waiting for a day when you are asked to completely avoid sugar and prescribe daily doses of medication, begin to replace refined white sugar with healthy alternatives early sugar not only for you but for the whole family.

I’ve seen many older people who add a lot of sugar in your diet, but still do not have diabetes. Also, I’ve seen some people that do not add more sugar in their diet still get diabetes. There are so many factors influencing the onset of diabetes, including family history. Although we can not fully protect ourselves from these diseases, we can take some preventive measures to avoid or postpone these diseases. healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet, replacing sugar with natural sweeteners can help prevent diabetes. Who knows? Prevention is always better than cure right.

Modern parents have already begun to reduce the amount of sugar they give for their children. Thanks to the conscience!

Honey, Palm Jaggery, Jaggery, Palm sugar, dates are the best natural sweeteners endowed by mother nature. Try to introduce all these natural natural / alternative sweeteners sugar at a very early age children. So they have difficulty to continue them throughout life.

I’m sure that store-bought bakery goods and sweets are loaded with a high amount of sugar to make it more delicious. Always try to make candy at home and replace the sugar whenever possible. If you find it difficult to completely replace sugar, you can gradually replace.

There is no natural sugar substitute sweetener / natural that satisfies everyone. Many people find palm jaggery (Karupatti) as a good substitute for sugar for coffee. But I would like to have coffee with brown sugar. Some people like lemon juice with honey. Some might like to drink lemon juice with brown sugar powder. Do not force yourself to stick to an alternative natural sugar in particular. Try different natural sugar substitutes natural sweetener and find out what goes with what kind of dishes. Then it is very easy to replace sugar that means a healthier lifestyle.

Top 5 Natural sugar substitutes | Natural sweeteners | Natural Alternatives sugar

1. The honey as a natural sweetener and health benefits

Honey is a natural sweetener found at the top of my list of natural sugar substitutes. You can even just take a spoonful of honey as and when you’re craving something sweet. When my son asks for chocolate, give 2 teaspoons of honey in a small bowl with a spoon. As it is small, it takes at least 5 minutes to kill it himself. By that time, most forget about your request for chocolate. Honey Natural Sweetener
Honey is called as Then in Tamil, ten or Then in Malayalam, Sahida in Punjabi, Tene Telugu, Madhu in Hindi, Jenu in Kannada, Madha in Gujarati, Madha Marathi.

Benefits 7 best for the health of honey.

There are several scientific evidence available to substantiate the health benefits of honey

  • stimulating natural immune
  • Natural anti-inflammatory agent
  • prevents cancer formation
  • natural antimicrobial agent
  • natural promoter for healing of chronic wounds and ulcers.
  • antioxident Natural
  • Good for weight loss

Are you convinced that honey may be the best natural sugar substitute with lots of health benefits? There are some dishes that are not given a taste of honey. In that case, really look out for some other natural sweeteners like below.

2. Palma Jaggery as a natural sweetener and health benefits

Palma jaggery is my second natural sweetener preferred. It is a natural and healthy substitute for sugar that can be used in almost every dish in which sugar is used.

brown sugar Palma (English) is called as Hatheli Gura in Hindi, Karupatti or Karupatti Vellam or Panai Vellam in Tamil, Tati Bellam Telugu, Karupatti or Pana Sarkkara in Malabar, story Bella in Kannada, Pama Gula in Marathi, Pama golane gujarati, Punjabi Hatheli Gura.

Karupatti has a lot of health benefits and is a rich source of iron and calcium. The best with brown palm sugar is sweeter than regular white sugar. Therefore, a small amount of brown sugar palm is needed just to sweeten your plate.


Two generations, people drank coffee Tamil Nadu Karupatti only made without milk. It is one of the secrets of the welfare of people of older generations. Karupatti coffee made without milk is very good for weight loss too. You can even make coffee with milk karupatti too, especially when it does for children. It’s just a healthy alternative regular coffee with sugar.

also make her sweet brown sugar palm (karupatti) replace white sugar. You are getting iron and calcium, also without any extra effort. Since it has no relatively lower glycemic index, which helps prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

palm jaggery is very good for the treatment of anemia, as it is rich in iron. Regular consumption of brown palm sugar is good for people with anemia. It is a very good source of vitamins and many nutrients as well. It is good for the health of your hair as well. Its strength also get better and feel more energetic

Top 7 benefits for the health of the palm Jaggery :.

  • helps in the treatment of anemia
  • has cleansing properties of blood
  • aids digestion
  • natural energy booster
  • migraines Cure
  • Good for weight loss
  • relieves constipation

are you ready for intake of iron, calcium and other nutrients, while enjoying sweet dishes with brown sugar palm?

3. Brown sugar as a natural sweetener and health benefits

Brown sugar is a natural product of sugar cane. It is relatively unrefined sugar form.

Brown Sugar (English) is called as Vellam in Tamil, Vellam | Sharkara in Malabar, Gur in Hindi, Kannada Bella, Bellam Telugu, Marathi Gul in, Guda, in Orissa, Gor in Kashmir, Gur in Punjabi, Gujarati Gur, Godd in Konkani, Rajasthan goal. Jaggery NAtural Sugar Substitue
Brown sugar is a good source of calcium, iron and potassium. 100 g contains 383 calories Jaggery. Jaggery is very good in making sweets. Most festival sweets are made with jaggery in Tamil Nadu. Yet we are all especially following the making sweet Pongal festival as sarkkarai, payasam

You might like this recipe -. Eggless and unsweetened apple pudding made with brown sugar

Top 7 health benefits of Jaggery:

  • It is used to treat anemia
  • prevents constipation by stimulating bowel movements
  • aids digestion
  • detoxifies the liver
  • Increases immunity power
  • helps treat cough and common cold
  • Reduce premenstrual syndrome

4. sugar palm:

sugar palm is a natural sweetener and is a very good choice for natural sugar substitute. It is also used in many home remedies such as sugar palm milk and turmeric to cold . It is rich in potassium, iron, vitamins, zinc and minerals. Since they are unrefined, possessing natural nutrients with them. It has a low GI and helps prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Palm Sugar NAtural sugar substitute
The palm sugar called as Panakarkandu | Panankarkandu | Panam Karkandu in Tamil, Nalla Bellam | Thatii Bellam Telugu, Kannada Bella, Panam Kalkandam in Malayalam.

For baking and desserts, palm sugar is the best alternative to sugar.

Top 5 health benefits of sugar palm

In Tamil Nadu, still we add jaggery for little kids.

Dates - Natural Sweetener

Instead of adding sugar and other health supplements with milk, dates can grind and add to milk.

The dates are rich in iron, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Top 5 Health Benefits dates:

You are ready to replace the harmful sugar naturally with natural sweeteners? There is still much more natural sweeteners available as raisins. Replace sugar for better health. If you like this blog, you write with your email address and we like on Facebook in the sidebar for more recent information messages.

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