Say goodbye to your glasses and improve your eyesight with this incredible recipe!

At the end of 60-sa famous Russian physician and surgeon who has worked in an eye – Vladimir Petrovich Filatov Sais their patients to make a mix of alternative medicine and start also use medical treatment regularly in order to improve your eyesight and prevent vision loss.


After discovering the recipe, people started using it in bulk and were surprised at the results!


  • 100 gr. Aloe juice (Aloe arborescens)
  • 500 gr. chopped nuts
  • 300 gr. honey
  • lemon juice 3-4


At first you should make aloe vera juice. Remove the upper, lower and middle leaves, leaving the top of the plant and the last 3-4 does not change at all. Wash them in cold boiled water, remove the pins and cut them into small pieces. Strain the juice through a double gauze.

Academic Filatov recommended that the leaves should not be cut immediately, but should be left in a dish and kept in the refrigerator for 10-12 days.

In this mode, aloe may form so-called “biogen stimulators”, causing the activity of aloe cells.

After that, wash the leaves and continue procedure.From these sheets can be prepared and get aloe juice.


Take a tablespoon of the mixture three times a day, half an hour before meals.

consumed until your vision improves. In addition, this drink is a vitamin bomb -. It boosts the whole organism

Important Council

You should know that aloe juice is recommended for people who fromacute suffer from kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract problems, the last trimester of pregnancy, inflammation in the female reproductive organs, cardiovascular problems at the stage of decompensation, tuberculosis and hemorrhoids.

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