New Study: Coconut oil is better than toothpase – The best bacteria killer

In doing research I have discovered and came to the conclusion that coconut oil it is by far the best dental bacterial murderer. Coconut oil is antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal that consequently kill the bacteria that can cause tooth decay, keep your teeth healthy.


Surprisingly, only one tablespoon of coconut oil helps prevent tooth decay and clean their better than any toothpaste or mouthwash any brand without side effects teeth .

research was conducted by Athlone Institute of Technology, led by Irish scientist test the effect of natural and coconut oil digested in common bacteria found in the mouth. The results were more than positive, plus it is effective and get rid of bacteria with one hand, it was also found to be detrimental to the candida albicans.

How coconut oil is the prevention of tooth decay?

They manage to do this by grinding yeast called candida albicans, responsible for various dental diseases. Diets consisting of sugar and processed foods are known to contribute to the creation of candida. Candida infection can cause problems with digestion too. While doing research scientists examined the effect of natural coconut oil and digested in strains of bacteria found in the mouth, along with S. mutans which is the culprit in tooth decay. The report says that the enzyme-modified coconut oil could become effective alternative chemical additives in place in most of the products for dental health care

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