Nail abnormalities that say about your health

Many people do not realize that your nails can really tell you a lot about your health. A normal healthy nail should be smooth and have a uniform color. As you get older your nails become brittle or may develop vertical ridges. These are really nothing to worry about. However, there are some anomalies that may warrant a closer look.


White Nails

If your nails are mostly white but have dark edges may indicate that there is something wrong with your liver. Her nails may also appear yellow, which is a sign of jaundice. If your nails are very pale, which could indicate that you have anemia, malnutrition, congestive heart failure, or other serious illness.

White Dots

If your nails have white spots that appear in them often it is called milk stains. Typically, these points are benign, but in some cases that might indicate an underlying disease.

Yellow Nails

If your nails are yellow, thick, grow slowly and usually a sign that you have a yeast infection. When the infection worsens the nail bed may retract and can detach from the bed in some places. Yellow nails can also be a sign of a respiratory infection. In some cases, yellow nails can indicate a more serious condition, such as lung disease, diabetes, thyroid disease or something else.

Blue Nails

If your nails are blue which can be a sign of many disorders and should definitely be checked out.

Sometimes the nail turns blue when cold, but should return to its normal color when your hands are warm. Another reason why your nails turn blue due to low levels of hemoglobin.

Green Nails

green nails are often the result of an infection caused by the environment. A person with a low immune system may be susceptible to this type of infection.


Small holes in the nails can be a sign of psoriasis, an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata, a disorder of the connective tissue, or something else.

The ridges

peaks may appear vertically or horizontally. vertical ridges are often a sign of nutrition problems. horizontal ridges are often associated with liver disease, diabetes or other chronic diseases. Damage to the nail can also cause stretch marks. As mentioned, some peaks are just a sign of aging and should not really concerned. However, if you are noticing other health problems should consult your doctor to determine what might be going on.

Generally, nails offer some great signs in terms of health you are in. If your nails are smooth and pink are normal and show no signs of disease subject. However, if your nails are hard, have wells, or are of a different color than normal, it could be a sign of a serious condition and you should see your doctor for some tests.


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