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How To Assemble An Herbal First Aid Kit When someone says “First Aid Kit”, the first thing that comes to mind is bandaids . But there is more to be prepared to have those little suitable adhesive bandages in hand. Earlier, we spoke of essential oils to keep a first aid kit and its use in an emergency. In this post, I would like to discuss some conventional items have also have some herbal preparations.


The following items are things no first aid kit should be.

I would also consider abandoning the typical antibacterial ointment, petroleum based for something natural. If you have tried make your own ointment as indicated in the post last week, they use. I made ointments worked more effectively than the brand name highly recommended.

The Herbs

raw honey -Honey has been used since ancient times for healing wounds. One of the active constituents in honey, inhibin, reacts with glucose in our body to produce hydrogen peroxide, so honey an antibacterial treatment. For more information, I suggest reading The Healing Hand :. The man and the wound in the ancient world by Dr. Guido Majno

Arnica – The use of Arnica immediately after a fall or injury virtually eliminates bruising. We like to keep several preparations in hand-arnica homeopathic pills taken orally, and oil or ointment to be applied topically. When our children were small and prone to fall and hit his head, arnica tablets soothe them faster than anything else. We had much less “chicken eggs” when arnica tablets were on hand.

Rhus -This homeopathic preparation has prevented many outbreaks of poison ivy in our family. Take the tablets before being exposed and after leaving to fight the effects of toxic oils in the plant.

cayenne powder -Cayenne is a powerful astringent. When applied to a bleeding wound, the bleeding will stop immediately. I often wondered if this were true, and if the person would suffer burning in the exchange, so I checked. Treatment of an ingrown nail in my daughter requires that I cut a piece of skin that prevented nail extraction. Realizing bleeding, I poured some powdered cayenne my spice cabinet on a piece of paper before you begin. As soon as the incision was made, I poured cayenne and bleeding stopped immediately. My daughter did not know what it was because it was not consumed at all.

Apple cider vinegar In your book Folk Medicine , shares Dr. DC Jarvis how apple cider vinegar prevents unpleasant effects of food poisoning. It is recommended that after eating suspect foods (such as wedding buffet that has sat for hours in the garden) puts a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water. Take a teaspoon of this liquid every five minutes until it disappeared. If symptoms occur, preparing a second drink and take two tablespoons every hour.

I could go with treatments for flu, fever or headache, but then would leave the scope of first aid kit and go into the medicine cabinet. What’s up? What are your favorite herbal remedies for an emergency? Please share in the comments.

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