medicinal value Papaya

medicinal value Papaya;

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medicinal value of papaya

Papaya is an all-season fruit, which is available at any time of the year and is AcquaintanceAs fruit of the Angels, as it is juicy and delicious, which is liked by todosademás be very beneficial to the overall health of people. This fruit contains the enzyme called papain, queayuda in protein digestion and is also used as a dietary supplement. Esotiene good antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamin A, B and C, fiber, flavonoids, carotenoids and minerals such as potassium and magnesium. In addition, the pulp is also used as principalcomponentes facial creams and shampoos. It is a healthy fruit with muchasbeneficios hair and skin.
contains muchosingredientes that contribute to healthy glowing skin and hair growth sano.Su papain content and vitamin A helps in the breakdown of proteins inactivasy help in removing dead cells. Quality low sodium helps in retencióncontenido of water in the body and save it from dehydration. Papaya is also útilcomo a moisturizer for the skin. ripe papaya paste can be applied to the face andthe left for fifteen minutes, rinse and dry with a cloth for good results.
The application of primapasta papaya to the face for twenty minutes helps reduce yespinillas spots. If the fruit is consumed on a regular basis, leaving the pielbrillante, cracked heels and painful soft and flexible can also be treated by applying models papaya paste to the affected area. The shell is also useful parapara papaya whitening face and axila.Tiña area can also be treated by rubbing a slice of raw papaya to lazona affected and reduce inflammation of the spots of ringworm. It also reduces the signs of aging in the karaya containing a generous amount of alpha-hydroxy acids, a great fight against envejecimientopropiedad. This can be done by the rocela papaya peel over the face leaving it for five minutes and then rinse with cold water lacara.

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