How your birth month determines whether you get sick: Researchers reveal the ailments that are more at risk of

Scientific studies have begun to study the relationships between month of birth and certain diseases. For example: The study was conducted by the University of Cambridge has found that babies born heavier summer and tended to be higher than adults. The theory for this case is the increased exposure to sunlight. Columbia University has found 55 conditions (most of them related to the heart) in relation to the month of birth. Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti discovered relationships between conditions and month of birth related to the following system.


The study has shown that the increased risk of diseases have babies born in October, where babies in May have the lowest risk. July babies had a higher risk of asthma and those born in March were at greater risk of developing heart disease. neurological problems were common for those born in winter. Trouble conceiving a child is common for those born in the warmer moths. However, this research is still ongoing and further investigation will be available in the coming months.

you can see some extraordinary results and more accurate for the risk of disease in the video below predictions.

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