How to remove leg swelling

As a consequence of retention is obtained circulatory system or tissue inflammation. During a condition like this, there is possibility of swelling of hands, feet and ankles appear and also, this is common in women during pregnancy or menstruation.

Often inflammation to people who are not physically active or who spend their time sitting for longer occurs. The swelling is not fatal, but can be a symptom of serious diseases such as kidney disease or hear.

However, in cases like this, where there is no basic health condition, there are ways to avoid water retention and reduce swelling.


  1. Avoid sodium – The most common advice given to people who have a problem with the elasticity of her legs is to refrain from the use of salt. This is due to the fact that the salt comprises sodium chloride. Sodium binds water in the body and helps maintain fluid balance in the body. However, there are many studies in which it is stated that the increased sodium intake leads to increased fluid retention in the body. Besides salt, other processed foods that are high in sodium, which are meat, several announcements, including canned vegetables giving high sodium content.
  2. Increase intake of magnesium – Magnesium helps reduce swelling. A recent study showed that 200 mg of magnesium daily can reduce water retention in women face premenstrual symptoms. What food is rich in magnesium? Spinach, peas, nuts and whole grains.
  3. Increase intake of vitamin B6 – This water-soluble vitamin, which is found naturally in many different foods. According to a study conducted at the woman who appears in the swelling of the premenstrual syndrome, the condition can be improved greatly if large amounts of vitamin B6 is used. During the study, the women reported that vitamin B6 helped them in reducing their symptoms more effectively than any of the other accessories that were given way. Foods rich in vitamin B6? – Tuna, pork, potatoes, bananas
  4. Eat more foods rich in potassium – Potassium is mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of tissues, cells and organs in the human body . Potassium is good for heart health. This mineral helps successful in reducing fluid retention in the body in two ways:
  • The normalization of sodium levels
  • Increased production of urine in the body

What foods are rich in potassium? Apricots, bananas, beets and Brussels sprouts.

  1. Avoid refined carbohydrates – If refined carbohydrates are consumed, you will increase the amount of sugar and insulin in the blood and high levels of insulin causes the retention more sodium in sodium reabsorption in the kidney so the swelling in the body increases. Foods containing sugar is refined white sugar and white flour.

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