Honey for aromatherapy and beauty products

Honeycomb If you make your own aromatherapy products and beauty, you may want to consider honey as an ingredient; Honey is not only to eat, can be added to many different homemade beauty products. Although beeswax is a popular ingredient for homemade aromatherapy products, honey, in its raw form, it is useful too. Honey has many health benefits when applied externally but make sure you choose the right type of honey, and in the right format, in order to see the benefits.

History The use of honey

The use of honey and medicinal purposes in beauty products is not a new phenomenon; the ancient Egyptians, who used many plants for medicinal purposes, knew the therapeutic value of honey. The Romans and Greeks also valued honey. In the Middle Ages, honey is used as a form of payment because it was considered so valuable ( source ).

Constituents of honey

Honey is made by bees from the nectar of flowers that honeybees frequent; honey varies in color and flavor, depending on which plant is obtained. However, the main components of honey are usually the same. Raw honey is the type of honey you have to use if you are using aromatherapy, beauty products or medicinal purposes. The type of honey found in the supermarket or store usually has been pasteurized or processed to make it more appealing to the eye; However, this process can eliminate some of the healing benefits. Raw honey is composed mostly of fructose, glucose and water, sucrose, maltose and other sugars and traces of indeterminate components.

Types of honey

As noted above, raw honey is the type of honey that should be used for the manufacture of aromatherapy and beauty products; however, there are several different types of raw honey to choose from as well. Raw honey with benefits for healing include:

  • manuka – the Bush Manuka is native to New Zealand and is now one of the most popular types of pure honey which make aromatherapy and beauty natural products; honey produced from Manuka bush has many healing benefits (see below)
  • buckwheat – buckwheat honey is produced in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota; It is containing a high level of antioxidants.

( source )

Benefits of honey

Honey has several medicinal and beauty benefits; Today, manuka honey is one of the most popular types of raw honey for use in aromatherapy and beauty products because it contains the following curative properties:

  • anti-bacterial properties for wound healing
  • anti-inflammatory properties, useful for the treatment of sunburn
  • healing properties of the skin, useful for acne , eczema and other skin infections.

( source )

aromatherapy and beauty products with honey

There are many aromatherapy and beauty products that can be made with Honey; You can add in essential oils to improve the product, as well as other beneficial ingredients such as floral waters, olive oil and sugar. Some of the household products that can be made with honey as an ingredient include:

  • sugar and body scrubs
  • Lip moisturizer
  • hair rinses
  • facemasks.

raw honey and beauty products homemade

really no rules to the addition of honey for aromatherapy products and homemade beauty; experimenting with various ingredients and products, find the type of product that works for you. If you want to add in essential oils, remember to consult a qualified aromatherapist if you are unsure about using a particular essential oil for a given condition. Honey is an ancient remedy for skin care that is enjoying a return today.

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