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4 Unknown Health Benefits Of A Rocking Chair acquired our first rocker chair when I was pregnant with our first child. After all, who can have a baby without a rocking chair? Babies and rockers seem to go together. In fact, studies have shown that swinging movement calm babies, helping them to sleep. And when a baby sleeps, the whole family can sleep. But there are many other health benefits to rocking chairs-a-rarely discussed that may interest you.

Learning Disabilities

Sensory integration is the neurological course of brain uses to process multiple sensory information and use it to conduct an answer. Sometimes there are problems in the process and that the condition is known as sensory integration dysfunction. SID can be found in people with autism, traumatic brain injury, people with cochlear implants, and several other learning problems. The balancing act has been shown to improve SID. In fact, studies have shown that rocking chairs placed in classrooms help calm children with hyperactivity disorder attention deficit, thus facilitating their concentration and focus on the issue at hand.

Treatment of varicose veins

Due to stimulation with the circulatory system, and exercise for the muscles of the legs, rocking in a rocking chair is recommended to prevent and treat veins varicose. This is especially useful for the elderly or closure where you can not walk or swim.


A study published in the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias discuss the use of rocking chairs with nursing home residents with dementia. This study found that “there were improvements in depression / anxiety and reducing PRN pain medication significantly related to the amount of rocking.” Residents enjoyed the program and wanted to continue rocking beyond the six weeks of the study “showed significant improvements in balance as measured by the center of gravity”.

Postoperative Healing

Typically, after any abdominal surgery there is some degree of decreased motor activity of the gastro-intestinal tract. This condition, or that postoperative ileus points of interest concerns, makes the patient’s pain. According to a presentation by Dr. Robert Lee Massey, “movement of chair balancing is effective in patients with abdominal surgery postoperative cancer, reducing the duration of postoperative ileus.

Childbirth Recovery

According to an article published in Mothering. com , a rocker is a must for any new mother. it not only relieves restless and sleep deprived mom baby, but “rocking facilitates the biological development of a child and promotes the baby’s ability to be alert and attentive. “from rocking reduces the amount of postoperative ileus, which promotes healing after a caesarean. And since the act of burning rolling about 150 calories per hour, which helps the mother to lose her weight gain during pregnancy more fast.

have you ever used a rocking chair for therapeutic purposes? We would like to know about it in the comments.


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