Hair dyes containing 500 types of chemicals that cause cancer! Use this place

According to the British “The Daily Mail, British scientists warned women that all hair dyes they use regularly include cancer-causing chemicals. Furthermore, they claim that the same health risk is posed thus kits for dyeing hair at home, and permanent dyes used in salons.

Namely, these harmful chemicals in hair dyes can react with air pollutants such as smoke snuff, and creating one of the most potent carcinogens.

Moreover, researchers say the risk is quantified as more than a third of women and one in ten men who often color their hair. However, the cosmetic industry is strongly opposed to these claims.

Namely, this warning was made by the team of scientists at a company “green chemicals” in Leeds. They conducted an investigation and reviewed the chemistry surrounding hair dye. According to them, the published information was readily available, and you just join the dots’ and discovered the relationship of these chemicals to cancer.

These scientists that chemicals known as secondary amines, found or formed in all types of dyes for permanent hair can go deep into the skin and remain on the hair for several weeks, months or years after application of the dye.

could be further react with the exhaust gases or smoke snuff and create toxic chemicals known as N-nitrosamines. However, they believe that can be generated by a simple chemical reaction.

Previously, hair dye has been linked to numerous cancers, including brain, ovarian, breast and bladder cancer and leukemia.

These Leeds scientists also fear that a growing number of people are becoming allergic to the content of hair dye, which may end fatally.

Instead, brunettes can use a simple trick and naturally win the brightness and color desired. This effect can be obtained using coffee. What’s more, this procedure die also stimulate hair growth.

A study published in January 2007 by the issue of the International Journal of Dermatology, confirmed that coffee promotes hair growth.

This is how to use coffee to dye hair naturally

If possible, try to find some strong organic coffee as espresso, as in most cases, no added organic coffee includes chemicals. Leave the coffee cools. Then mix 2 cups of some naturally leave- in air with two tablespoons of ground coffee, and add the mixture to a cup of brewed coffee cold.

Then this mixture is applied hair and leave for an hour. Then wash your hair. amazing chocolate color is obtained, and will not be damaged at all.

simple coffee Rinsing

First, you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo. Then pour some coffee on hair and leave it for about 20 minutes. After washing the coffee out using a little apple cider vinegar. In the end, you need to rinse, again, but this time, use only warm water.

This method can be repeated several days to get the desired results. This will also help coffee to penetrate deep into the hair strands.

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