Feel the difference with Tulsi

Feel the difference with Tulsi ;

We are able to recognize the many corrective values ​​have been blessed with nature and the correct use of it can save us from suffering from various ailments during our life. We could make use of them and be responsible for the prevention and saving ourselves from the disease that we can find in life. Tulsi, for example, has immense medicinal value for most of the ailments we face in our daily lives and is a godsend for us. Tulsi plant exhales ozone molecules which contains three oxygen atoms instead of atmospheric oxygen having two atoms in each molecule. The tulsi plant exudes a special steam purifies the air, due to the presence of the oily fragrance evaporates and mixes in the atmosphere eliminating bacteria and other disease-causing germs tulsi contains about twenty minerals used widely for medicine in Ayurvedic and homeopathic and for the treatment of tuberculosis, asthma, leprosy and much more. It also helps in blood purification and improving our digestive system.

things placed near the plant or plant aroma tulsi does not deteriorate or spoil quickly. During solar and lunar eclipses, food and beverages can be stored by placing tulsi leaves in them. This is due to the bactericidal properties and power of the leaves which protects the stored material from adverse effects of the eclipsed rays luminaires. It is said that if the tulsi plant is placed near a corpse, the decomposition process slows down. Besides this, tulsi plant also has salutary effects on our thoughts and inclinations of our mind as well. Its aroma helps generate positive thoughts that promote holiness, purity and spiritual progress, in addition to cure physical ailments. Mosquitoes and snakes are repulsed and stay away from the tulsi plants and their surroundings. Having a tulsi plant near their place of residence, keeps the environment free of poisonous insects, keeping the pure atmosphere with a good supply of oxygen, with the occupants enjoy a pollution-free environment. So make the most use and benefit from it for a healthy life.

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