Combat stress with leisure

Combat stress with leisure ;

In the rhythm of modern life or growing, most of us either do not have the time or do not understand the meaning and importance of leisure. We are always running against time. Routine work and errands leave us with little time for any activity that gives us pleasure. Leisure is a luxury that was enjoyed by the old rich people of old.

The pace of life has increased significantly in recent years, causing a new kind of tension in many of us whose work involves a great responsibility, tight deadlines, long hours of work, complex or decision making. To combat these effects festering in life, one has to make time to pursue leisure activities positive. Most people in executive positions thrive on pressure stimulus, but beyond a certain level, the pressure may become a concern. long hours of work or can become a burden and level of fatigue increases. To offset the negative effects of these phenomena have to find time for enjoyment.

stressed out person
Some people find it difficult to stop thinking about their work and are unable to relax. They
pushed to the limit and beyond the limit

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A tired executive not necessarily require only sleep . a scene change is required. He needs entertainment for both their welfare and that of your company. Research has shown that an overworked executive is a liability to your company. Fatigue performance suffers. One has to take a break to avoid fatigue , but to maintain optimum performance, mental well-being that can come through external stimuli is needed. Regular exercise has proven to be a beneficial stimulant, not only for physical agility, but also for mental well-being.

Our tendency to take on too many jobs and responsibilities can make us workaholics. But no free time to relax, our efficiency level will drop precipitously .

A different people, the word “free” has different connotations. For some, it just means sitting idle in a park and stare into space, while for others it may mean an activity that is pleasurable. The word “free” is derived from Latin and means “things are allowed.” English early use of the word means “an opportunity to do something.” Over the years, it has come to have different meanings as “state of having time at one’s disposal” or “free time”. In short, entertainment for people Kost is a relatively new concept. The tribe of the idle rich also called the “leisure class”, they have almost disappeared.

what can be termed as a leisure activity by one person can not be seen as the same for another. For example, gardening can be free for some, but for a gardener who just work. Creative leisure distraction and mental relaxation that soothes the stress occurs. Any activity that offers an absorbing interest and is quite different from a person’s work can lead to a state of mental well-being.
woman working in kitchen garden
Working in your garden can be a relaxing activity
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the activities such as photography, gardening, theater, cinema, chess, music. – Anything that gives you pleasure can be collected as a leisure activity. But it must be done with a view of enjoyment and relaxation -. Not because it is fashionable or everyone is doing

There are people who find it difficult to stop thinking about their work and can not relax. They are pushed to the limit and beyond the limit. They can reach their goals and live beyond their ability but cause serious long-term damage. Unfortunately, many women today, caught between the demands of career and home, are forced to give up their free time. Overworked to the bone, with frazzled nerves and stress-filled routines that have lost the ability to enjoy life. Your health suffers and so does the welfare of their family members. It is time for reflection-women thought back on their priorities. Life is life or simply to be lived?

Vigorous activities such as climbing, tennis, swimming and skiing keep a person physically fit while giving enjoyment. There is a definite link between exercise and reduced risk of heart disease link. People who are physically active tend to be thinner and have a normal blood pressure, normal blood cholesterol levels – all of which are associated with a lower rate of heart problems. This is an aspect of leisure activity that is related to physical fitness.

rock climbing
Vigorous activities such as climbing keeps a person physically fit while giving enjoyment. Pico Credits: Tyler Olson –

However, there are creative people who like to write poems, paint or sculpt read. These are comparatively not exercise activities that are not at all physical nature. However, it would be wrong to say that are not providing mental stimulation or relaxation of the person. These activities certainly play a role in promoting mental well-being person.

woman sculptor
Creative activities such as sculpture, painting etc play a role in promoting mental wellbeing of the person
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therefore, whatever. you have to understand is the basic need to escape the tasks and the rat race, even for an hour every other day or only during weekends. The principles of leisure and relaxation, as well as the development of a hobby are interrelated. One has to cultivate what feels best for yourself.
But you can not deny that a human being, the amount always busy or could be responsible, you have to get away from everything, if you want to continue efficiently. As the person goes higher in the hierarchy, their responsibilities increase and so do their requirements for leisure.

So find time for their welfare before it is too late. Leisure is a luxury to be able to afford.
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