CARROTS: natural food to the elimination of cough and phlegm from the lungs (Recipe Included)

Carrots are not only crisp and fun for eat vegetables; which they are very rich in minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus and calcium.

are also a viable source of B-carotene vitamins C, K and A, which is especially important to maintain good eye sight and vision.

Carrots are consumed every day will help boost your immune system and help your body fight bacteria, fungi and viral infections.

Carrots help your body combat the problems of the upper respiratory tract caused by the common cold, asthma, bronchitis and dry cough. It will also improve your digestive system and because it is rich in fiber will stimulate regular bowel movement.

You can get rid of cough and phlegm in the lungs with this simple recipe with homemade carrot.

DIY simple syrup homemade carrot cough


  • carrot – 1/2 kg
  • Natural raw honey – 3-4 tablespoons


  • cut carrots into small pieces and put these cut into pieces a pot of water.
  • Boil carrots until soft.
  • Stop the pot from the stove and water seeps.
  • Do not dispose of the water; let cool to room temperature.
  • Remove the carrots and mash with a whisk or fork.
  • Add that natural raw honey and mashed carrots to water.
  • Make sure you refrigerate the syrup.


  • The syrup should be taken daily, especially if you have a persistent cough .
  • Take about 3-4 teaspoons a day before a meal.
  • Use this syrup for about two days to get the best results.
  • If you do not notice any improvement, then consult your doctor.

If administered as indicated below, should be relieved of his persistent cough and phlegm from the lungs.

Try it today and reap the benefits of your carrots expectorants.


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