ATTENTION! Never reheat food These 7, can poison your family

Every time we ended up with some extra food we hold so we could eat again that. But the biggest mistake most of us is that we tend to heat up the extra food because there are foods that can be eaten after heating, but there are some of them that can do much harm to the body after being heated. Some foods do not maintain their nutritional value after being heated, so read on to find out which 7 foods should never be warmed and eaten again.

ATTENTION! Never Reheat These 7 Foods, They Can Poison Your Family

Never reheat These 7 Food

1. Spinach

Never heat a spinach and cooked, eating only once just after preparation. Spinach contains a high rate of nitrates, which are converted into nitrites if that means hot and I wanted to eat spinach is now carcinogen your body, and everything just because it was heated. This healthy plant can improve health OR KILL! Be smart …

2. Celery

used this plant primarily for soups, but like spinach containing nitrate means that are converted into nitrites and that would be bad for your Health. So in case you have some extra soup from yesterday and you want to warm up before eating, we recommend you first take out the celery soup and then heated. It is the same situation with carrots. Green juice – Health benefits and prescription

3. Beets

For similar vegetables containing nitrates that this is a great thing, but not so hot that as it may be harmful to your body. Never re-heat beets as they become destructive to the body. Beetroot Apple and blackberry juice – Recipe | Beetroot Apple and blackberry juice – Recipe

4. Potato

They offer a number of benefits, so they are excellent for overall health. But if kept cold during the day or two that probably they lost their beneficial properties, along with the quality of the diet. In this case the potatoes can be very body ie that are not useful at all. Controlling blood sugar with sweet potato? [ Simple Recipe ] | You have dark underarms? Using potato will solve their problems | squares of crispy potatoes with salt herby

5. Eggs

Re-heated boiled or fried eggs can be lethal if they are exposed to very high temperatures and warm them. 17 amazing health benefits of eggs

6. Chicken

Eating chicken the next day after preparation, can be very dangerous and can cause some digestive problems yourself. This is due to the structure of the changes occurring protein the next day. That’s why chicken is eaten cold, or if it really takes to warm up, do it in a very low temperature for a longer period is recommended.

7. Mushrooms

When it comes to overheating, mushrooms are the most risky ingredient. Eat immediately after preparing and if you have some extra for the next day not overheat as it can cause digestive problems and even heart problems.

Before reheat food in the microwave or in the oven, take a minute to think he is willing to take the risk and cause health problems himself. Always be careful with the heat, but not one of the foods mentioned above, could still be contained in the food to be heated.

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