Arugampul juice Preparation, Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits | Grass Durva

Arugampul juice Preparation, Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits | Grass Durva ;

Preparation and Juice Health Benefits Arugampul | Durva grass:

Arugampul | Durva Grass is the favorite of most Ganesha. Arugampul is regarded as a sacred herb. In Tamil Nadu, I have never seen a Ganesh temple without Arugampul used as the main offering to the God. We must offer Arugampul in odd numbers when we offer it to Lord Pillaiyar. They also prefer young and fresh grass instead of dried and ripened grass.

This herb is known to have beneficial medicinal properties and find a cure in Ayurvedic medicine. The best part of Arugampul is both the root and leaves are used medicinally. If you can not buy fresh Arugampul in Arugampul powder it is available even for purchase online. Make sure you buy on the online website of confidence. Arugampul juice is good for weight loss too.

can see Arugampul in the field of sports popularly. Arugampul | Grass is not damaged Durva quickly and grow again, even if damaged, it is popularly used in the field of sports. It has a high tolerance to heat and drought. Therefore Durva grass is preferred over other grasses.

Arugampul | Durva Grass | Bermuda Grass in different indigenous languages:

Before writing about juice preparation Arugampul health and benefits, I would like to mention the other Arugampul names in different Indian languages ​​

Durva grass. | Arugampul in Tamil – Arugampul
English – Bermuda Grass
Hindi – Dhurva | dhub | Dhoob
Sanskrit – Dhurva
Malayalam – karuka
Telugu – Garikagoddi
Kannada – Garikoihallu
Bengali – Dhurba
Scientific Name | Botanical name – Cynodon dactylon

Other common names Durva grass or Arugampul English

Vilfa stellata, Durva Grass, Dhoob, Dubo, tooth dog grass, Bahama grass, devil Drass, Grama, India Doab, grass, and grass scutch.

Arugampul Juice Preparation – Preparing juice Arugampul | Durva grass juice?

1. 1/2 cup Arugampul keep in a container with water for some time.
2. Arugampul remove the water and rinse it with water 3 times.
3. Squeeze gently and allow excess water to drain out.
4. In a Mixie, add the Arugampul with 1/4 cup of boiled water and grind until it becomes juice.
5. Add 3/4 cup of boiled water to Arugampul juice.

You can have a cup of juice Arugampul for maintaing health. If you are taking the juice Arugampul for any specific disease, it may take 50 ml in the morning and evening 50 ml

Notes :.

  • Optionally can add 1/8 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera), 1-2 peppercorns while grinding to add flavor to durva grass juice. Once you have prepared Arugampul juice, you can add salt, sugar or honey to make it more palatable.
  • It is suggested to use the fresh grass. Buy in the morning and make Arugampul juice.
  • Clean thoroughly to remove any dirt.

Arugampul tea for fever:

Collect grass root Arugampul. Clean them and boil in water until bubbles form. Strain the liquid. Serve as Arugampul tea for fever. It can take 50 ml of tea Arugampul once in the morning and evening.

Arugampul Medicinal_Uses | Benefits durva Grass Health:

Few health benefits of the juice consumption Arugampul listed below

  • Relieves acidity – .. Due to its alkaline property, it is known to relieve heartburn a person
  • stabilizes the blood sugar -. Consumption of juice Arugampul helps stabilize sugar levels in the blood
  • Relieves diuretic condition – Consumption of this juice early in the morning helps one detoxify his / her body toxins and also gets rid of water retention. This is also useful in treating urinary tract infections.
  • development of immunity – Durva herb contains protein fractions CDPF Cynodon dactylon or short. This compound is a protein responsible for immunity enhancement. Durva grass is also called as an energizer or immunity booster.
  • A cure against the cold and phlegm -. Regular consumption of juice Arugampul is useful to combat the cold weather and sinusitis
  • protects from harmful UV rays -. Arugampul is good for the face and skin, as it can protect from harmful UV rays
  • Relieves skin conditions – Skin diseases such as eczema, infections fungi can be treated, if a paste made of grass Arugampul applies. Drink your juice in combination also helps in detoxification thereby prevent further deterioration of the skin condition. You can add turmeric powder with Arugampul paste when applied on the skin.
  • Useful anemic state of -. Durva grass consists of more than 65% of chlorophyll, which helps increase the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, which helps Arugampul to relieve anemia
  • Deletes all kinds of congestion – consumption Arugampul juice helps clear congestion in the chest or lungs. It is useful in conditions such as bronchial disorders and asthma.
  • Relief of menstrual pain and irregularity – grass juice Bermuda is useful in diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome. It is also useful to relieve pain and headaches accompanied during menstruation.
  • helps relieve hemorrhoids and piles -. The consumption of wheatgrass juice Bermuda preparation in milk, helps relieve conditions such as hemorrhoids and piles
  • useful in the treatment of eye infections – juice Arugampul when applied to eye infections it is helpful in relieving symptoms. This should after medical consultation done.
  • Prevention of stroke, cancer, cardiovascular diseases – Bermuda grass is a rich source of C vitamin A, which give it antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are known to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke. It is also useful in the fight against atherosclerosis.
  • strengthening teeth and preventing bad breath – Grass Durva juice helps fight odor. When this herb is chewed, which it helps strengthen teeth and cures bleeding gums.
  • Arugampul juice to lose weight – hunger pangs are easily managed when you eat, juice Arugampul. You can help support hunger for more than three hours, thereby preventing binge eating and weight gain. Therefore Arugampul juice is good for weight loss. You can drink the juice Arugampul instead of mid-morning snack as part of your weight loss journey.
  • nosebleed – This grass juice helps with nosebleeds. Apply two drops of the juice in the nostril helps stop bleeding. This should after medical consultation done.
  • Best for wounds -. Wounds heal faster when it is bound up with garlic and pasta Arugampul
  • helps relieve stress – Application of the paste of this herb on unique feet, one helps get relief the tension. Walking in this herb provides relief from natural tension.
  • Prevention of nervous system disorders -. The Arugampul juice consumption on a regular basis, tones the nervous system and helps maintain nervous system disorders at bay
  • helps relieve constipation -. Consumption Bermuda grass helps tide over the problems related to the stomach, which improves bowel movement and the release of toxins
  • manage diarrhea juice Bermuda -. Bermuda concoction is useful for controlling diarrhea within few doses of consumption
  • helps nursing mothers and newborns – This juice is known to help prevent cold and cough in children when the mother takes Arugampul juice. The mother may see an improvement in milk production. It is also known to relieve teething problems.
  • A natural blood purifier -. Consumption concoction Bermuda grass helps in the process of blood purification

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