4 surprising health benefits of juicing raw marijuana

Four states in the US now they have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and about a dozen have laws that allow for medical purposes. Thus, for the first time, people matter and juice have been some surprising results. All you need to do is get some cannabis and add it to your juicer or blender.

If you do not want to get high from marijuana, might is the perfect way to do it. It does not give discharge that smoking marijuana does because THC requires heat to be psychoactive. There are some very surprising benefits to the ingestion of cannabis in this way though. Here are four amazing benefits.


Benefit One: Prevention

The most powerful benefit of raw cannabis juice is preventive medicine. Some doctors have even gone so far as to call it the most powerful in the topsoil, since it gives a boost to your immune system, improve brain function, is anti-inflammatory and helps bone health too.

Of course, cannabis is often prescribed to patients who have cancer and the reason behind this is the way the cannabis growth of cancer cells is stopped. There are many more benefits related to health as well.

When marijuana, you only get about 1% of the health of the cannabis offers up to pressing, which gives the other 99% as they are able to tolerate much higher doses smoked.

Benefit Two: The antioxidant properties of Cannabis

Cannabis also has antioxidant properties, which means that the oxidation of molecules in the body is prevented. Antioxidants are extremely powerful and usually get in fruits and vegetables.

The oxidation of molecules and cells is one of the factors that can cause cancer and other health problems. What antioxidants do is fight free radicals that can cause health problems.

Most of the time we have far fewer antioxidants in the body of free radicals, which makes the need for any possible source pretty clear.

Benefit Three: boost your metabolism

The cannabis has also been shown to increase metabolism when administered at high doses that are needed for antioxidants and other benefits .

When the plant is heated (when smoked) the maximum daily dose is 10 milligrams. Otherwise you can get heated up to 600 milligrams. Thus, adding to your diet, you can get the amount that will give impetus metabolism and can help with weight loss and other health problems.

Benefit Four: improving communication with nerve cells

cannabis Juicing also has the benefit of restoring the two-way communication in nerve cells. When communication in one direction, resulting in inflammation.

When cannabinoids found in marijuana is ingested, is a reduction of inflammation, but more than that, are able to avoid the problem in the first place, making sure that the lines of communication they remain open. That is precisely what these cannabinoids.

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