14 signs that could be anemic – do not ignore

There are definitely visible signs and symptoms that you may have anemia, but can be subtle. The most common form of the condition is iron deficiency anemia, a quarter of a million emergency room visits each year.

Iron is absolutely essential for the body and if it does, can not produce enough red blood cells, which are supplying oxygen to the body from the lungs.

Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia may take time to be felt, so you should be aware of what the symptoms in advance so you can look for warning signs.

Here are fourteen signs that you may be anemic and should see a doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing three or more of these symptoms.

  1. pale skin areas :. If you notice that your palms, nails and parts of his face, particularly in the mucous membranes of the eyes, you may not receive enough red blood cells to those areas
  2. Fatigue: If feel tired all the time, you should definitely consider anemia. Fatigue is a symptom that usually appears first of all and is a deep and permanent fatigue, rather than reducing the energy that sits at mid-afternoon.
  3. You have a strange desire to chew ice. It is not known why, but there has not been an investigation that can show that the rubber ice provides a mental boost for people with iron deficiency anemia
  4. Anxiety :. You’re anxious a rapid heartbeat or a heart rate that has recently become more intense
  5. Pregnancy: anemia due to iron deficiency is actually quite common during pregnancy so if you are pregnant and have some of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor
  6. RLS (restless leg syndrome). This is a relatively new and people who suffer from RLS discovery, about 15 percent have a deficiency of iron
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  8. Numb or tingling :. You will notice numbness in the limbs and tingling in the hands, arms, legs and feet or you may feel cold
  9. migraine and tension headaches: If you do not usually suffer from migraines or ago and suddenly they intensify, you should consult your doctor
  10. hair loss. Some of the symptoms of anemia may take a while to see, and hair loss is one of those. The hair is thinning can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia.
  11. The stools are dark, or have blood in them :. You should consult your doctor immediately for rectal bleeding, stool black or bloody color or abdominal pain
  12. Shortness of breath: If you have trouble with stairs, exercise or exertion, could be a sign warning
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  14. irregular heartbeat :. If you have heart palpitations or hear a sound of wind in your ears when you are lying on your back, get help immediately
  15. heavier periods: For women, a heavier period is a sign of anemia iron deficiency, as well as painful or irregular bleeding
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  17. fog; if you feel as though you are in a fog and can not think clearly, this is something that can add to your list of warning signs.

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